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    Question Battle Droids, Riochets, No Death?

    Ok, this has been eating me away from some time now. During the Battle of Naboo when the Battle Droids break through the Gungans barrier, they open fire. Yeah. So, how come when their shots riochet of the gungans riot-like shields, they don't even phase the Droids? When Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan deflect shots back at the Droids they go down. Why wouldn't the riochets be any different?

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    Don't know?

    Maybe the angle they were going at was going at a direction past or above the Battle Droids ?
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    Maybe the blaster bolts lose ALOT of there charge when they hit the sheild and bounce back?
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    I think the lightsabers are supposed to direct the ricochet, but that's a good question and certainly not explained in the film. I mean, you see probably 50,000 battle droid shots reflected and it doesn't seem like that phases them a bit.
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    Maybe they were all lucky and none of them hit them.
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    Maybe the Gungans eventually became Stormtroopers and they got their "bad aim" thing started with their shields!

    It was probably just a deflection angle thing. Who knows...
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    Well, the Gungans are basically only fishermen with a weak force of law enforcement Gungs. they are mostly accustomed to fending off foes in underwater regions and not really dry land battles. Most of the Gungs are not trained at all and merely turn up either out of loyalty or because they were pressed into helping out by the other Gungs. would that fat lazy gung have really gone into battle unless someone pushed him?
    Anyway, that said, it's no surprise that the Gung's aim was off when they don't usually face any kind of foe with pre-programmed firing capabilities. But then again, Why didn't the droids re-calibrate and fire past the shields to the Gungs behind the hand held shields who were just standing there? Why did the droids just fire wildly? did their central computer brain not have a battle plan organised? very odd.

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    Well I agree that the Gungans weren't warriors, but neither were the Neimoidians. They probably just assumed that going in guns blazing would eventually win a victory. The droids could only do what they were told since independent droid brains would have been way to cost prohibitive for the miserly Neimoidians who didn't seem to know a lot about military tactics themselves.
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