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    Talking Need Dooku or Yoda?

    I am leaving in 30 minutes. I have to pass a WalMart where there were a few Dooku's an Yoda's. They also had the Tie Bomber and the Snowspeeder. I need Jettster and Geonosian Warrior. I will trade you even if you have these two or sell them to you for cost plus shipping. I would rather trade, but I am leaving at 9:15. First come first serve. I think they may still be there.

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    I'll buy a Dooku from you man The other two you named that you need, is the only other ones I need . But I'll sure buy him

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    I'll buy one too if you get two

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    I need one Dooku, it's the only one I wasn't able to get.

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    I need both Dooku and Hangar Anakin!!! Will buy from anyone who has extras, no matter how damaged the card and bubble are(Im an opener)
    You just remember what old jack burton says at a time like this. Have you paid your dues? yes sir the check is in the mail.

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    I would buy both and I don't mind the quality of the card. I would pay well and I have four references in America and three in England.
    Please email me at:

    Many thanks,
    Adam Guy
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    sithpedadog...I have a jettster but no warrior. However...I passed him up and just let him fly off into a large and growing pile on the floor at the madness that took place at my local wal-mart. I will go back and see if i can locate him. I need me some dooku.
    "It could have been so much better!"

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    Ok guys here is the deal. I just got back and we have no Dooku. I did get the Yoda. I also found both of the figures I needed. I looked on Ebay and I was very lucky to find a Dooku for a buy it now price of only $8.50. If one of you would like to buy it in my place - let me know. I am going out again tonight. I have so many stores around here, I feel as if I can find one. We''ll see.

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    Dooku, Yoda and Anakin (Hangar Duel)

    If you find any of the three I mentioned above (Yoda, Count Dooku or Anakin (Hangar Duel), I'd gladly trade you a Geonosian warrior and/or a Dexter Jettster. They're plentiful around here!


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    Hey sith p, you got a private message
    You just remember what old jack burton says at a time like this. Have you paid your dues? yes sir the check is in the mail.


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