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    I've hit the Santa Fe WM a number of times this weekend, and it looks like the movie premiere has really whittled the action figure selection down. Hopefully restocks are on the way.

    It was 2 weeks after the first release that the second wave appeared... it's now been 2 weeks since then so, here's hoping!

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    target at 21st and yale has/had (as of 5/19)... djas puhr, luminiara, dexter jettseter with pipe text (bought him), royal gaurd, jango fett guns/holster nerf play set (bought it), and dooku

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    Has anyone in the Tulsa area found the Luke Bespin ??
    Collecting Star Wars figures ain't like dustin' crops boy !!

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    I was told my on of my collecting friends (who has too much time on his hands obvioulsy) That He has found all the figures besides the Emperor and Dajs at both TRU's in Tulsa this week.
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    Don't forget to check Khol's. I went to the Khol's near Yukon the other day and they had the Bespin Luke/Vader wave.

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    Has anyone found the 12 inch Ultimate Jango anywhere in the OKC area?

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    TRU on 21st street in Tulsa had (as of yesterday afternoon) a bunch of Rescue Mace and Final Battle Jango Fetts. Still no Lukes or Vader, no Palpy or Dajs, no new deluxe.
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    Actually I found Luke and Vader there last week... the rest must have gotten snatched up.
    Collecting Star Wars figures ain't like dustin' crops boy !!

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    I found Bespin Luke and Endor Rebel Soldier awhile ago at a Wal-Mart outside of Tulsa. They're sloowwwlllyyy going around.
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    Woo hoo- good day yesterday. I was going to post and ask if anyone had found the new Deluxe figures, then yesterday I found the Nexu at Target. So I guess they are around. And Target has droped their prices on basic figs to $4.99.

    I also found 2 Bespin Lukes, Dooku, Vader, and Obi-Wan Pilot. I found Obi-Wan Pilot and a "plastic peg" Luke at KB Toys, and the others (including metal peg Luke) at TRU. I was pretty amazed to see a Dooku, but I now have an extra if anyone wants to trade.

    I normally collect 1 of everything to open, but usually pick up the different variants when I see 'em. I'm still on the lookout for Palapatine, Dajs, Chewie, Han, and the Deluxe Ani. Since I open everyting, package condition is not important as long as the fig is nice.

    * General Disclaimer- I can't spell or type- Deal with it.


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