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    Oklahoma AOTC Finds!!

    Went to two different Wal-Marts this morning-- in Chickasha and Anadarko. Both had a good quantity of figures.

    The Anadarko store had yoda and Hangar Duel Anakin. Chickasha did not. I could not find a Dooku at either store.

    Of course both stores had all the extra vehicles and accessories and so forth.

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    Thumbs up Found all- took 2 day, but found 'em!

    Found all the figure in/around the Tulsa area. Dooku was the only really hard one (of course). Broken Arrow Wal-Mart and Admirel Wal-Mart are the Treasure Troves. Good Luck.

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    when i was in the states on tuesday i found all of the figures at the mwc wal mart, 'cept taun we. had to bite the bullet and get him on ebay since i'm back in germany now. most of the people that were there got what they wanted. luminara, taun and royal guard were seemingly short packed figures. went to wm on 240 and the one in moore and they didnt even have collection 2 figures. weak sauce! tru was a joke also.

    if anyone wants tri logo figs lemme know cause im on the hunt over here. i already got jango but i opened him up.

    peace out!!


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    Has anyone been able to find Taun We and the Royal Guard lately in the Tulsa area ?? Or any of the latest Bespin wave ??
    Collecting Star Wars figures ain't like dustin' crops boy !!

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    Yea, the Royal Guard, Taun We, and Luminiara are around. Both BA Wal-Mart and Admiral Wal-Mart have had them just recently. No luck on the Bespin Wave, but the Mace/Qui Gon wave is out there. Let me know if you stumble across anything intersesting.
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    How recent is recently... I was at both those locations over the weekend and nada.

    Also, where have you seen the Mace/Qui Gon wave??
    Collecting Star Wars figures ain't like dustin' crops boy !!

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    The "2 waves" or new 8 figures that came out hit WM shelves in OKC Monday evening or Tuesday morning (depending on the location). They included restocks of the Royal Guard, Luminara and Taun We (thank goodness) I'm still missing 4 of the new ones, though. I'm just not fast enough...

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    Finds Lately ??

    Has anyone been able to find the Luke Bespin wave or the Mace wave in the Tulsa area at all ??
    Collecting Star Wars figures ain't like dustin' crops boy !!

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    wal-mart by penn square is crap made my last trip they have no new figures nor have i seen any and it seems like i have made a thousand trips in the last 2 weeks

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    I have not found any personally, but a friend of mine has Wal-Mart. Not sure which one, I'll have to ask. Lucky stiff got a bloody hand version too.
    * General Disclaimer- I can't spell or type- Deal with it.


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