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    Did anyone participate in "Morning Mayhem"???

    For those who refused to deal with Wal*Mart (due to the usual messiness of the stores) and didn't have a TRU that stayed open late...

    Did you participate in a "Morning Mayhem"? I went to my local TRU at 6:30am and stood in line with about 30 people. It was insane. I didn't want most of the figures anyhow, but it was crazy!

    I later participated in a "Myself at K-Mart at 7:00am". That was nice... they had a lot of figures that the TRU didn't have (Dexter, Geonosian Warrior, Yoda, Hangar Duel Anakin...). THAT was nice.
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    I just returned from my perosonal "Morning Mayhem." I hit the Wal-Mart near me at about 7:30am, and they were still putting the stuff out on the shelves. It was just me, this other guy, and some nice lady shopping for her son.

    The Wal-Mart only had the basic 14, so I stocked up on the ones I wanted out of those. I'll look for Dexter + waves later on.

    All in all, I got 12 figures, Slave I, and the Reek. Spent a little more than I wanted, but that's ok.
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    I hit a newly constructed WalMart at 6:30AM, and was the lone customer. Didn't much matter because they didn't have squat! Followed it up with a nearby TRU that wasn't open until 8AM, a quick stop by a Kay-Bee (@8:15AM), and completed with a solo tour of K-Mart(@8:30AM.) I had got most of the figures at a midnight TRU, but still was looking for some varients, and a Dooku. The morning mayhem was EXTREMELY laidback in comparison to the midnight madness. If K-Mart just had a better selection, that looked like the place to be. No crowds, and no chaos. . .unfortunately no Dooku's either.

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    I went at 6 this morning..but I was the only collector in a jam-packed AOTC section.It was really nice,and I talked to a cashier who told me they had the isle in lock-down until 12 midnight

    Is it me,or does the display remind you of TPM?
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    Yep... but in BLUE! :happy:
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    I went to wal-mart about 2 hours ago and got everything I wanted.

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    I stopped at Wal Mart, KB Toys and Target on the way into work. At Target and KB, I was the only person. The sales girl at KB had just opened and hadn't even set the merchandise out on the shelves. She let me go through the cases!!! Such joy!!

    At Wal Mart, there was one other person looking but I don't think he was buying. I was particularly looking for the TIE bomber and snowspeeder at Wal Mart today, since they hadn't shown up yet. I also bought one Jango Fett. Looked for HD Ani but didn't see him.

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    I did, heres how my trek went:

    6:30am, drove to TRU, 3 people outside and a sign said Store Opens at 9:00am, so I went to BK and ate some french toast sticks and a shake.

    7:00am, K mart opens, walked inside, found a pallet in the toy isle with 4 cases of Collection 1 Wave 1 and Deluxe, checked the pegs, a couple Obi Wans, Jangos and a Super BD, $8.99 each, thanks but no thanks.

    Drove back to the mall, 8:00am, KB toys opens, and what do I find? about 3 pegs full of Bosheks, the R2 unit(name slips my mind) and a crapload of Teebos, $9.99 and no Epi 2, wazup wit dat!!??? Bleh.

    Then I drove out of the mall parking lot, back to TRU and now around 25 people were there, 45 minutes later they open the store, and booyah, the first 14 figures fill a store front display, along with the Deluxe, 2 Red Troopers and 2 Zams, nothing more(as far as AOTC 3 3/4 are concerned), about 6 pegs of the Preview figs(I guess they didnt sell them until now cause there were like 4 cases), vehicles, sabers, Legos etc. No Jar Jar, or Taun We or Yoda wave. Picked up what I needed, and about 3 Preview Clone troops to make up for the loss of the Red one(snatched from under my grasp!!) and I left, got home, opened my figs, play.....*ehem* posed them a little, then after I realized I was missing the 2 most important ones(Anakin HD and Dookie) I cried myself to sleep.
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    I went last night, this morning was nothing compared to it. There were alot more peole than I expected though.
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    Anakin, Yoda, Dooku....

    My god.

    I went at about 8:30am to my local Walmart (they open at 8am)...

    I took a look around and they had ALL the new figures except for Anakin, Yoda, Cooku, Zam, and a few others.
    They had lots of Dexter, Clone Trooper, the Geo guy, and a few lamers.

    I have a bad feeling about the rarity of these guys. I can deal without Yoda and Anakin, but I MUST have Count Dooku.

    Pretty disapointing day, but I ended up buying a Boba Fett, Jango Fett (Sneak Preview), and Dick Tracy on DVD for $17!!
    I called Walmart and they said they will be releasing more stuff tomorrow morning.
    I won't keep my hopes up because I've been told junk before. I went to a LOT of stores today to either find nothing or just figures that I already had.

    An even bigger problem is the fact that a lot of stores seemed confused about the release date. One place said they won't release till May 16th, another said the April 29th, and a few others said the 24th.

    Sigh. Lucas you bonehead. Quit making this so complicated.


    The Force was not with me today. Pray for me for tomorrow that I can get at LEAST Dooku. =/


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