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    Dexter Jettster.....

    OK call me lame I don't care, but I never even heard of this guy until today. I found just 1 of these guys out of several hundred figures looked at so I snatched him up. Good find, yes? Heck I bought him just because I couldn't find another one! Well... he is cool looking too.

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    He's my favorite so far. I like the detail on his shirt, and the towel in his back pocket is a nice little touch. Although I do wish he could be posed like the pic on the card, with his arms to the back.

    He was next to Taun We on the pegs, that's quite a contrast in size.

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    I have to say that he is one of the nicer figures. I really like him alot. Great job Hasbro with him.
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    500 Jexter's at TRU Times Square

    Hello all,

    I have been hearing that this guy is rare with and without a background, but I found him and about 500 more geonosians at TRU Times Square.


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    He wasn't as tough a find around me either (NJ), but the version with background was extremely tough, I only saw a handful.
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    He's got to be one of my favorite AOTC figures!

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    Wasn't hard to find him, I found background versions of the Geonosian Warrior and Dexter at 2 Wal-Marts while I found non-background versions at TRU.
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    What is the difference in backrounds and non-backgrounds? Want to know which one I have.

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    background = paper insert behind fig (taking up bubble space) that was in some runs but then Hasbro decided not to have them (I think the card looks worse with them). These are the more rare ones, though.

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    I threw all my backgrounds away. They look crappy.

    I don't care much for variants anyway since I open everything.
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