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    Free Enterprise (need help, Trek fans)

    I've never heard of this movie, so I was surprised to see several used copies yesterday at a trade in store. Have you seen it? If so, how is it?
    The DVD said it is about a pair of lifelong Star Trek fans who achieve their big goal, meeting Bill Shatner only to find he's not so nice in real life.
    The real Shatner is in it, is the movie worth a look? Or does it just set out to spoof Trek fans?

    Thanks for your insights

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    Unhappy sowwy, like2 help but i ain't seen it yet

    however, i do plan on humpin Trekkies sometime in the next few weeks
    whaddya mean "does it JUST set out to spoof Trek fans"? like there could be any higher aim?

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    i think i may have seen part of this movie on the 'ol satelite a few weeks ago. shatner was trying to pick up chicks in a bar using kirk lines. i didn't watch too much more.

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    As a big, big fan of Star Trek TOS, I cannot recommend this movie more. Funny as hell. I have seen many Trekkies bash the movie, but they're in total denial (or hate writer Mark Altman).

    Shatner is in the movie and plays himself (albeit, as a single, hard-on-his-luck actor who wants to turn Julius Cesar into a three hour musical). Shatner raps at the end of the movie, too.

    Eric McCormick (Will and Grace) is also in it and he is very funny.

    Audie England (sigh) - my perfect woman

    There are many, many, many inside trekkie jokes that are great. If you can laugh at yourself and Star Trek in general, this is the movie for you.

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    Is this an actual documentary, or a mocu-mentary? Cause I saw that movie Trekkies once, let me tell you, I still have nightmares about that movie. It is by far the scariest movie, I've ever, EVER, seen.

    But if this movie was made as a joke, then I wouldn't mind seeing it.
    "Watch this, I'm going to horrify you into a coma..."

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    Wolfy, it's really more of a mockumentary as far as I can tell. Yet I don't think it's "presented" as a docu (like This is Spinal Tap was). It's a movie with an actual plot, as fictional fans set out to meet the man played by himself. I've not seen Trekkies yet, but I believe they are completely different styles.

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    Free Enterprise is a movie, through and through....nothing in here ***uely resembling a mockumentary!

    It's a fun movie (kind of a buddy movie, I guess, with great humor)

    This is a comedy; 'Trekkies' I'd stick in the horror section, 'cause that was one scary ***$ movie.

    These two are nothing alike in their structure or tone. Like Black and white.

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    I still haven't seen this movie but I did "meet" Mark Altman at a recent horror movie convention. Looks like Free Enterprise didn't quite give him the boost he needed since he is currently promoting House of the Dead 2.


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