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    Any NON-AOTC Interesting 4/23 Finds to Report?

    Didn't drag my butt outta bed for the 12:00 AM pilgrimage, but was at NYC Times Square TRU shortly after opening for regular hours. Seems like they only put out 14 of the basic 27, and didn't find anything interesting there (except a Dexter Jettster w/background which sounds like it's HTF from what I've read), but when I got to KB Toys at Manhattan Mall, found the Amanaman & Leia Deluxe for $6.99 each, and about a dozen Dirty Scout Troopers & Sandtroopers at $2.99 each!!! (bought 1 Scout Trooper and left the rest, but someone came in 30 seconds later and grabbed everything I left)

    BTW, IMHO, anyone who got the Sansweet book free from TRU got a GREAT deal - a little outdated now, but a great addition to anyone's collection...


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    Targets here in So Cal have the 25th Anniversary figs for $7.90, but only Luke/Leia or Han/Chewie; no Ben/Vader. I too noticed $2.99 figs at KB, only General Leia, Shmi, and dirty B.Scout. I'm looking for the Deluxe Maul on sale; all I can find are Amanamans, Leia, and Lukes (but they're less than $8 now).
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    Man, I wish I could find some of the older POTJ figures still.....

    I can't find ANYTHING.....and only saw the BoShek wave once.....

    I still need such early figures as Mas Amedda, Plo Koon, Saesee Tiin, and many others....

    I'd even be willing to accept them loose.....
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