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Thread: Zam's Button

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    Zam's Button

    I picked up the new Zam Wesell figure at Wal-Mart last night. First off, it's a pretty cool figure. The magnetic arm stays on pretty well. However, the Clawdite face doesn't very fit on well.

    There may be a third feature on this figure though. There's a small button on her back that seems like it should push down. I can't figure out what it's there for. Does anyone know???!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The stump of the magnetic arm locks in an downward position, which allows the button on her back to go down. You then press the button *UP* and the arm does a quickdraw type action. I spent quite a bit of time trying to press the button down as well...hope that helps.

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    If you push her right arm down towards her waist, it locks in place. Push up on the button and she has "quickdraw" action


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