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    Talking UK - What did you find 4/23?

    Hi everyone,
    Hope you all found what you were looking for today (or last night, lucky buggers).
    We've (me and girlfriend) have had a brilliant day, so if you didn't find what you were looking for, this may sting a little...

    We went to Toys R Us in Derby, Toys R Us in Nottingham, Woolworths in Derby and Nottingham, and Forbidden Planet in Nottingham and The Entertainer (we also tried "Another World" in Derby, but they had nothing).

    We saw everything on the basic figure checklist at Toys R Us except:
    Royal Guard
    Zam Wessel
    Count Dooku
    (but we didn't see Shaak Ti in TRU - that was at Forbidden Planet)

    We also saw all the vehicles, none of the 12" and Jango and OB1 from the Deluxe line.

    So TRU is pretty much all you need.
    From TRU we bought the following:
    Taun We
    Tusken Lass
    Clone Trooper x2
    Captain Typho
    25th Anniversary Obi and Vader (£9.99 at TRU and bloody great)

    The rest of the figures weren't overly impressive (we thought the Anakins were pretty crappy). But Saesee and Plo looked a lot better in person.

    How did all the other Ukers get on?
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    I'm not actually in the UK, but I'm close enough. I found Kamino Jango, Tatooine Anakin and Coruscant Obi-Wan in a toy shop near me last Saturday. You found all them?? You were very fortunate!
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    "You must join me, Obi-Wan, and together we will destroy the Sith!"-Count Dooku

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    Royal guard x4
    geonosian warrior x4
    tusken female x2
    Captain typho
    taun We
    Anakin Hangar duel
    Kit Fisto
    Nikto Jedi
    Boba fett
    jango fett
    anakin speeder
    Zam speeder

    All found at Liverpool TRU. Woolworth's birkenhead had not one thing on show today. When i asked they said they had an e-mail yesterday telling them not to put anything out until the 28th. So not one toy was out. Apparently Liverpool had all their stuff out yesterday but as I filled my boots with all but Zam Dooku and Dexter at TRU I think i did fairly well off my personal want list. I'll pick those up at some later date when the credit card feels a bit better.

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    Strange news about Woolies.
    As I said, we went to 2 TRU and 2 Woolworths today. TRU had almost everything (see above) but woolworths only had the following:
    Anakin Peasant
    Jango Kamino

    Maybe one or two others as well, but you get the idea.
    Please keep us updated if and when the situation with woolies changes.
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    TRU in Norwich had almost everything except for Dooku (unsurprisingly). I got hold of :

    Luminari Unduli
    Boba Fett (Kamino Escape)
    Clone Trooper
    Anakin (Hanger Duel)
    Super Battle Droid
    Deluxe Darth Tyrannus

    I'm going back today to pick up a couple more as I found some money in the sofa.
    and I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

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    Just picked up Super battle droid from TRU in Chester. They had cases and cases of them. Also the royal guard in reasonable numbers. No Shaak Ti or Dooku or Dexter though. Managed to get my Dexter from a small store locally who had very limited stock of everything due to the crap way Hasbro has treated the smaller retailer by only shipping half of stock ordered to them. This means many people who ordered stuff from small stores and online stores will not have their full orders shipped out. I've heard disgruntled retailers saying yet again that Hasbro has stuffed up and that they are thinking of backing out of star wars altogether. This doesn't look good guys unless Hasbro get their act together and ship more stock in better mixes we could lose more outlets soon. Which will leave the big stores yet again who have a crappy stocking policy. But Hasbro are to blame for us not finding stuff. Liverpool TRU had all the Geonosians yesterday but no super battle droids, which were all shipped to Chester. This means that they get the stuff in but just ship any old cases out without bothering to make sure that the cases have a good mix. Also Hasbro are shipping solid cases of stuff like the super battle droid not mixed cases like we've heard about. Found one case which I opened in Chester that contained x2 anakin outland peasant, x2 Padme arena and the rest was solid royal guards. I don't call that a mixed case do you? It's madness alright but not the right kind. A very slapdash start to it all. disappointing eh?

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    You lot have been lucky, I really want a few Royal Guards, Boba and, obviously, Dooku. I'm going to make a longer search tomorrow. I really want Boba, to stand beside Jango.
    "There is no pain where strength lies"-Darth Maul
    "You must join me, Obi-Wan, and together we will destroy the Sith!"-Count Dooku

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    Well I went into my local Woolworths, I was unimpressed. There was about 60 Jango Fetts (do you think Hasbro thinks he'll sell well or something?), a few Anakins and a few Obi Wans put not a lot else. Nothing like the selection everyone is describing elsewhere. I guess I'll have to go further afield to find all of them (well everyone except Jango).

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    Other than Chester and Liverpool have there been any other sightings of the Royal Guard?

    Darth Evil, if you still can't find him after the weekend I might be able to check TRU for a Boba. Let me know by email if you'd like to arrange anything.
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    Went to Brighton TRU today, only chance of getting out since 23rd.

    Missed out on a few figures but I managed to get;

    Obi Wan - Cor Chase
    Anakin - OPD
    Jango - Kamino
    Super Bat Droid
    Kit Fisto
    Geonosian Warrior
    Plo Koon
    Battle Droid
    Female Tusk Raider

    They also had vehicles ; Slave 1, speeders, Starfighter & reek beast.

    Didn't bother with those, going to collectors fair soon so may find them cheaper. Plus they won't have those TRU barcode stickers on them (yuk)
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