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Thread: Paint Problems

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    Paint Problems

    I don't know about everybody else, but I thought the paint jobs on the figures I saw were very shaky. There were good ones to be had, but you had to look around a bit. Especially with Shaak Ti, Dexter, and Luminara.

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    It's definitely a problem with the whole line. And it varies from figure to figure, but my Saase Tiin and my Clonetrooper both have serious spilled paint problems. On the other hand I think the paint job on my Kit Fisto looks AWESOME.

    I think Hasbro probably tried a new type of stencil or whtever they use and it isn't working that well. Hopefully this will change but only time will tell...
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    Same here, had to go through half a dozen Padme's to find one acceptable, and it has a red blob above her lip so you can guess how bad the other Padmes were. Other severe paint-problemites I saw were C-3PO and Obi-Wan Coruscant, as well as the bulk of the Deluxe figures.

    However, none of the Dexter Jettster figs I saw last night (and that's a LOT!) had any paint problems I could see, though some had gappy waists.
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