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    you cheap b@st@rds! (lightsabers)

    i just opened my new electronic anakin and count dooku sabers. everything is great, except the blades are about 4 inches shorter than the previous sabers. what's the deal here? they look kind of funny with these midget blades!

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    Really? That sucks big time! The dang Ep1 sabers were a couple inches shorter than the Classic Trilogy ones!!! LAAAAME!
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    yea, i just lined up all 7 electronic sabers, and they have gotten smaller with each offering. it's the incredible shrinking lightsaber blade!

    maybe hasbro will reveal that in the "olden times", jedi were better fighters and didn't need longer blades. or maybe hasbro losing 17 million last quarter had something to do with it.

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    I haven't bought any of these yet, but I was disappointed when I saw Dooku's saber. It's not shaped right at all! Instead of being curved like the actual prop it's straight with a slight crook at the end! WEAK!

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    I'm waiting for them to go on clearance like all electronic lightsabers eventually do.
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    Dooku's is the first lightsaber I ever purchased, but it seemed way to short when I opened it. I feel I've been taken!
    But it's a good lesson, I should have waited until they are clearanced instead of blowing $20 on it.

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    Are the blades able to retract totally?

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    Originally posted by DarthMaulSithLord
    Are the blades able to retract totally?
    Nope, and it's too bad because I would love the love the look of a hilt all by itself.

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    Darn. Hasbro told us a couple months ago that they would be retractable! I read it in one of their press release articles. Damn you Hasbro! Btw is Obi-Wan's saber the exact same thing as the one from the E1 line?

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    I don't like the electronic sabers, because they're so inaccurate.....the only thing IMHO that they're good for, is to gut, to get the electronics to put into an accurate lightsaber....

    the Dooku one is the greatest travesty of all, since it does NOT curve like it is supposed to.....
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