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    Thumbs down Purchasing figures from online sure doesn't feel good

    How many of you have purchased figures from these action figure online stores and have felt ripped when you received the figures because they were not in the condition described? or not packed with care (makes you scratch your head about the person who packed the figures)? What about the lack of customer service? Dude I am fed up with these rinky dink stores. Point in Case -, now they claim their figures can be purcased in Mint condition, Well today was the 2nd time I received my order from them and half of the figures were NOT MINT, now I can return them but am I responsible for shipping? They think so. Who else has had some bad experiences? Lets force these rinking dink action figure e-stores to step it up or step out.

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    The only problem I have had is with WOTC.They lost my check of $25 dollars(for the Fan Club)..and have no record of me!However,I am giving them a second chance.This time,though,its going certified mail and money order.
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    I've never had problems with shipping, I usually get as many references as I can, but alot of times I just hope though. I do remember though when the Wuhers were at the Fan Club I ordered a POTF2 Bespin Han for my carded collection and it arrived with a crease across the back, wasn't a REAL big deal though, but their packing sucked. Might try calling them and having a discussion with one of the head people.
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    I've ordered from and all of my orders came in in superb condition. There was one time that the items were a bit damaged, but that was clearly done by customs. I do wish though that they did something about the horrible shipping prices. A Theed Hangar, 4 figs and a small vehicle cost $25 shipping!!! That just sucks! FYI this was from the UK to The Netherlands. I can easily send this stuff to the US for the same amount of money.

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    i got my yoda and anakin hd from and the cards on both had slight crease marks but i don't mind since i'll be opening them.
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