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    Cool Rebel Trooper(Unpainted chin strap)

    Hi, I just wanted you guy's to know i found A variation on the new Rebel Trooper Tentive IV Defender. The Chin strap was unpainted, so keep an eye out. Sorry no pic at this time.

    The Last Jedi

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    Quote Originally Posted by the last jedi View Post
    Sorry no pic at this time.
    Do you have those pictures yet?
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    Lol Slicker. Anyway, The Last Jedi, I Want You To Know Thats Its Been 4 Years. Oh, And Im New.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicker View Post
    Do you have those pictures yet?
    Classic darlin'! CLASSIC! You are the bees knees baby! That got a genuine laugh out loud noise from me and yes I know you did it on purpose, that's why I love it so!
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    LOL, I was like whats so funny. Then I saw the year. What's up Deoxy?
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    I know, it took me a bit to realize it too, then I sensed the sarcasm of slicker's post and I cracked UP!

    I've been up to my head in homework, school and work oh and getting teeth pulled at the dentist...oooooooooooooooo I'm counting the days for Comic-con next year We need to put aside time to hang out, plan it out before hand so we can meet up with some SSG'ers and go get drinks or what not, just have fun...I know I know it's a long ways away but it'll be upon us before we know it! How have you been my dear?
    GIGANTA: A robot that automatically produces fun!


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