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    The only reason they go with the huge rubber costumes is because the actors that they chose to play those roles couldn't beef up that much. I agree that a costume more like the comic is needed, but hopefully not as bad as the Adam West one. It seems to me the reason they put them in these "alternate" or "beefed" up costumes is to appeal to a wider range of people. I was kind of disappointed when I saw X-Men and saw that no one wore their original costume. The only character that had a costume that looked like it belonged to her was Storm. Sabretooths costume was pretty close to the comics as well. I hope for X2 we get to see them in Classic uniforms.
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    Lol Lt
    No I haven't met him.But if anyone has ever picked up a Batman comic and looked at how he is depicted they would know none of the actors that have played the part fit the bill.There has also been a large almost overwhelming number of physical stats. given on him that you can also have a definitve version of who and how he should be.I personally know of no actor that could really fill the shoes,but I would like them to come a whole lot closer then they have before.
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    True, but most of all, they definitely should've done better with Robin, Batgirl, Bane, and Two-Face. (Who didn't want to see Lando as two-face? )
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    I'm still alittle undecided on who should have played Two Face.What I think is the charcter should have been handled alot better than he was.As far as Bane Robin and Batgirl I couldn't agree more
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    They butchered Bane's character, as well as Mr. Freezes, IMO. They are nothing like they are in the comics. But, with the exception of the Joker, they've never really gotten any of the villains right. Well, I thought DeVito as the Penguin was dead on too.

    If they do go ahead with the Batman: Year One movie, it'll be based off of Miller's Batman: Year One story line, not a prequel to the first movie. The first Batman movie was already like a Year One-ish story. So it really couldn't be a prequel, it'll just be a different movie altogether.
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    I agree Jack Nicholson as the Joker was perfect. Danny Devito was pretty good as was Michelle Phiffer even although her character was a little crazy. Two-face was nothing like he is in the comics. Jim Carrey was amazing as the Riddler even although I didn't agree with his bright pink/red hair, it's a shame that he was in one of the bad Batman movies. Uma Thurman did an alright job as Poison Ivy, but Bane was horrible as was Arnold Schwartzenneger as Mr. Freeze. Arnold was completely miscast, he looked nothing like Mr. Freeze and I don't think that he is as muscular as Arnold is. I hope the next Batman Movie is better than the last two pieces of crap we got.
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    since I saw batman forever when i was very young I liked it and I can't lose that feeling so I still like it
    as far as the characters, joker, pinguin man and catwoman had really good-fitting actors but bane: I HATED they did that! Bane was my favorite villain from the comis (still is) and I have two figures of him: the animated series one (didn't like that one THAT much and the dark knight one (6") and my brother has the one from the movie (which looks nothing like the movie but still VERY good)
    and poison ivy wasn't good either: they should have used a more beatiful actress (don't really like uma thurman) cause she always was the pretty one in the comic (besides catwoman of course)
    the riddler, mr freeze and two face were OK in the movies and the actors did their job well but they didn't look like the comic (but since it's the movie and not the comic it doesn't totally have to fit)
    oh yeah batgirl sucked big time and robin was OK too in my oppinion cause he came on good in BM forever and I liked him since as robin

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    Hopefully with Batman Year One as the (hopefully) storyline for the (hopefully to be produced) new movie we will finally get the film Batman we comic fans have always wanted! I'm kinda hoping for an R rating, even though I know it'll NEVER happen. The right director could pull it off with a PG13. Speaking of directors, I'm hoping Darren Aronofsky is the right guy (Frank Miller seems to like him!). I've never seen any of his movies (unfortunately), but I hears he's quite good. I've also stated in other threads that I think Billy Zane would make a great Batman with the right direction. He physically looks the part; he's pretty tall, physically imposing, he's got a great voice, does creepy pretty well (Demon Knight and Dead Calm anyone?), and he has experience in several superhero type roles (Phantom, Invincible). Plus, his Cal Hockley in Titanic really reminded me a lot of Bruce Wayne (when the character wasn't being so much of a jerk!)! He hasn't been known for great performances, but like I said, the right director should be able to get the right performance out of him no trouble at all! If not Aronofsky then my vote goes to David Fincher. He'd do it right!
    Hopefully the new Spider-Man movie will be good enough that it will make Hollywood realize that a good movie can be had in sticking closer to the comics.
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    By the choice for the Joker in the new franchise (no offense to Jack who was great in his own way) would be Jim Carrey. Even though he's already played the Riddler (and not to very good effect in my opinion. Actually, now that I think of it his Riddler was a much better Joker!) I'd like to see him back as the clown prince of crime. He'd be awesome playing Joker REALLY dark and psychotic (and if he downplays the physical and toilet humor); more like playing the character as a more dramatic role than as a comedic one. Then'd take a good director...the RIGHT director.

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    I think Jim Carrey would definitely be a good Joker, especially if more or less based on the series Joker cause he is kinda thin and more younger looking. Although no matter who plays the Joker they should be voiced-over by Mark Hamill, I've watched the series for so long I can't imagine anyone else doing a voice for that type of Joker.
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