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    Question Best Toy line ever made

    Ok, i'm sure they are a lot of cool toy lines. But lets just put the top 5. (in no particular order or in order if u like)

    Star Wars
    G.I. Joe
    Masters of the Universe
    Super Powers

    Yep, those are my top 5.
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    Top 5 eh?

    Star Wars Vintage/POTJ
    Transformers Gen 1/RID
    GI Joe ARAH
    Star Trek TNG (Playmates)
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    1. hmm, Legos.
    2. MOTU
    3, Thundercats, come on they had light up eyes!!
    4. POTJ.
    5. G.I. Joes were pretty cool back in the day,, Even though I didn't have many I always played with my friends.
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    1. Star Wars
    2. Transformers
    3. G.I. Joe
    4. LEGO sets (especially the Space ones)
    5. Ummm....I had these 3 3/4" Fisher Price action figure and vehicle toys that were pretty cool. Anyone else remember those? They are sort of on the list by default 'cause I never played with He-Man or Thundercats or TMNT, but they were fun and they worked well with my Star Wars and G.I. Joe guys... ummm...did anybody else have these things...guys??

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    Yep, i remember those, sort of like Construction workers and stuff. My cousin had a couple of those.
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    fisher price figures

    "Adventure people" was the name of the Fisher Price 3 3/4" figures. They were kind of like a scaled down "Adventure Team" for those of us from that GI Joe era. My favorites were Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Adventure People, Tonka trucks, and GI Joe.
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    1) Transformers G1
    2) GI Joe 3 3/4
    3) Star Wars POTJ
    4) Master of the Universe
    5) McFarlane's Movie Maniacs
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    1.Star Wars
    2.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    3.The Real Ghostbusters
    4.Spider-Man animated series

    I never was into GI Joe....
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    Star Wars
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    X-Men The Movie
    anything McFarlane

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    1 Transformers
    2 Lego
    3 Batman
    4 TMNT
    5 VINTAGE star Wars line
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