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Thread: Natalie Portman

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    Natalie Portman

    What do all of yall think of Natalie Portman? I must admit she is pretty darn cute especially in Where The Heart Is.

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    I didn't care too much for her in TPM (probably because she was only about 15/16 when she filmed it), but now she has grown up I must admit it, she is one fine lady! She's not the nicest person ever, but she IS pretty stunning.

    There was a thread around the General Discussions section with a load of pics of her in, but I don't know where that's got to.


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    I already found her hot in E1 (since I'm 15 and still allowed to like teens ) and find her now (in E2) even more attractive especially with that smile of hers

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    I read the Vogue article yesterday and was just not impressed. They showed here in some really skanky dress with her hair all jacked up. She looked like a heroin addict or some kind of coke w-hore (why can't I put that word in w/o bleeps?). The article made it sound like she was just another starlet with an agenda -- the whole "I don't eat meat because it's murder and wearing leather is heinous" thing.

    I think she's pretty in the movies, but pix of her in real life are pretty average. I'm sure she's a nice person, but that Hollywood attitude is a real turn off.
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    She's one fine looking piece of woman.

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    "That Natalie Portman is ONE PIECE OF ACE. I know.

    --No, you don't.

    Not me, but a guy I know, him and her got-it-on.

    --No, they didn't.

    No, no they didn't, but you can imagine . . . "

    RIP Chris Farley

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    I don't think she's that good looking. Average at best. A lot of the shots I've seen of her in E2 make her look greasy or whor-ish. She doesn't seem like a nice person in real life either, although I've never met her so I can't make judgement calls.

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    Greasy? GREASY? I'll give you whor-ish, but GREASY?

    *quickly shuts up as I hear the "potato bashers" coming over the horizon . . .

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    She looks so d@mn sweet.

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    All's I'm saying is I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eatin' cookies.
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