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    any Phoenix Area finds?

    Has anyone in the Phoenix area found any good Star Wars toys lately? I still have not found any of the last wave of POTJ, I think it was 3 figures. Today, I found 19 of the AOTC figures, but I think there are 29 current AOTC figures, aren't there? At least that's how many I counted from the Brians Toys website.

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    I guess there aren't any Phoenix area collectors on this board?

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    If anyone's interestested, I saw all the preview figures at a local kmart.

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    Hey Greggk,

    Looks like we're the only Phx people on the board here. I've been searching forever (and by "forever" I mean the last week) for some decent stuff here in PHX, but I've had no luck so far. I still need pretty much the same stuff everyone else is looking for (Dooku, Luminara, Imperial Guard, HD Anakin, Yoda). I've been able to track down everything else, but those last 5 continue to elude me. But, let me know what you need and if I see anything I'll let you know.
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    Hello Bounty,
    Well I also looked EVERYWHERE last week. On monday I went around all over town again, I did find Zam Weasel and the Clone Trooper. I have 21 of the 29 figures. At least I think there's only 29 figures. I'm missing the yoda, Jango final battle, Aniken Final Battle, Luminara, Dooku, Mace, the Royal Guard, and Taun We.

    Did you also collect POTJ figures? I swear, they never got the last wave of them here. The Boshek, R4M9 and the Teebo. I think those were the last ones of the POTJ.
    Let me know if you find anything else.

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    Hey all, just wanted to let you know that I found the newer wave at a Walmart at Bell & 7th Ave. Dooku, Royal Guard, Luminara & HD Anakin. They had all of the newer wave except Yoda. Good luck

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    Walmart on Tatum and Bell has the Yoda, and Anikin. They had quite a few of them, don't know how long they will last.

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    Hey Greggk and Critus,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the tips on where to find the figs. I went to both places and eventually ended up with Luminara, HD Anakin and Yoda, so it was a great haul! Still no Dooku, but I'm guessing all the planets will have to align before I find him.

    And yeah Greggk, I've been collecting the POTJ figs (or at least trying to) for a while now. I was able to snag Eeth Koth from the last wave, but I haven't picked up BoShek, R4M9 or Teebo yet. Although I have seen them at a couple of TRU's around the valley, specifically the ones at 75th Ave & Bell and the one by Metrocenter (don't know the specific address, sorry). I'll keep an eye out though and I'll let you know if I see any more anywhere else. Thanks again guys!
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    Wanted to let you guys know that I am an Arizona collector too. I used to be registered awhile back and saw your posts when I was browsing the just founds, and now I am back.

    I actually scored all 27 figs at the Walmart on Thomas & 36th st. at midnight on the 22nd-23rd. I don't have any extras but I hunt fairly often so will keep an eye out.

    By the way Greggk, which Kmart had the preview figs. It's a challenge finding the Clone Trooper in that line.
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    Well I made another run tonight, I couldn't find Yoda at the walmart at tatum and bell. I still can't believe I found Dooku before him. Oh well, eventually he'll turn up. He's the last one I need for my desk at work


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