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Thread: thanx brit cit!

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    Hey GSJ

    You can have my old snap-fast cruiser if you want it - it ain't perfect (the tiny bridge section at the front is missing), but it's yours if you want it.




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    thanx brit cit! i received bucky r today!

    it's a neat little guy, ain't it!

    when you position the lever which controls the wings on the underside, it fits very nicely on a mm stand!

    you also included two st guys! (ent d, and ent b)where are these ships from?(hallmark?) they are a little smaller than the mm versions, and not quite as detailed, but the painted schemes (particularly the ent d) are pretty cool!

    sooooooooo, mr. t, whachawannado?

    i will be more than happy to send you the bucky if you so do desire (as i have said on way toooo many occasions to number, if brit cit had known ya wuz in need, he woulda sent it you youse!)

    lets say we do up the marquis youse mentioned, as well as you keepin an eye out for a snappy radient VII. does that woik fa ya? it does fo' moi!

    btw britcit, i'm hoping you don't mind about all of this.
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    Eh up

    I don't mind at all



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    Thumbs up deal, gsj: "rahj today, gone tomorrow"? ;)

    as with your mixtape, i'll git to completing your snappy maquis uh, "next chance i get"
    hey wait, you didn't answer bc3's quextion about his snappy reppy and of course He didn't answer Your ent d/b quext, the answer to which i believe is: a star trek chess set

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    VT - have 2 for you when I send some more stuff to you.



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    thanx for offer :) but actually,

    . . .a little birdy tells me jedigreedo might be more interested in them

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    Eh? Nah, I'm not really into the snap versions right now, I wouldn't mind seeing some pics of them next to their MM counterparts (if they're available for the photo) so I can see how big they actually are. I was doing some searching on ebay and if anybody needs it, here's an auction for a quick snap Sith Infiltrator
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    Talking whoo hooo!

    snappy voyager, marquis, and the oh so small delta flyer arrived today! thanx britcit!!!!!

    however did you manage to get all the decals on? i am amazed by your talents! i can't even believe that they make you apply the decals yourself! the flyer makes the sw se theater give aways, positively huge in comparison! it's half the size of slave 1!

    thanx again!
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    Took about 1 hour per flyer - but far from perfect - I am certainly not proficient in applying decals (especially when they are 2mm long).

    I'm glad that you are happy with them though.

    As ever, cheers,


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    Exclamation half the size of an mmm?? damn!

    i never woulda guessed it from how impeccable your pix of it looked. i hope it's not too late to twist your arm to purty up mine too
    so you no longer need my qs maquis eh gsj? nor my silver queenship? and bc3 don't need that teemto racer or red r2?
    don't worry guys, i can read the writing on the wall; a cattle-rustlin sheetkicker like me can tell when the era of the old west is drawing to a close & he's outlived his usefulness
    ltb: thanx for checking w/me (email), go ahead & try for that #15 if you like; keep me updated on your wants & tradables
    np: barry, Monte Walsh score


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