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Thread: thanx brit cit!

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    whoa! i said whoa dagnabit!

    now hold on there feller! this ain't no time to be hangin up yer irons! ah still needs me a hifalootin' babylon 5 sixshootin' set. i was reckonin' that you'de be just the right kind o' marshal to haul it in fer me. seein' as how ya got true grit an all!

    i'se got's me a good idea though fer that royal starship dupe, why don't ya jes send it to me anyway, and i will forward it across the seas to jedigoofy, as it is one of the mm's that he still needs to complete his collection.

    that way we'll be doing a real live, cowpokin', guntootin', shindiggin' hootinanny of a mitzvah fer the recent new year!

    np: opening title song form the frisco kid

    l'shana tova!
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    Now I'm scared.
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    You are too nice gsj, but...

    Hey gsj,
    I am really really impressed by your generosity!

    First of all you remember I am still missing that MM Royal Starship, moreover you propose to vt to get it and forward it to me. I am impressed!

    But I am afraid I could not accept your generosity unless you allow me to pay for it. Unfortunately shipping prices from US to Italy are awfully high (I know it!) and moreover I am afraid I could not send you anything as a trade, because of the well known Italian shortage for SW MM and AF.

    Anyway it is a real balm for the spirit to find disinterested people like all of you on this forum.

    Thank you,

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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    I have posted MM's across the Atlantic in jiffy envelopes (small packet rate airmail) for less than 2 - I presume that it wouldn't cost that much more for a Italy-US package and vice-versa.


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    Red face don't thank him yet, jg

    . . .as i'm afraid gsj's a lil slow on the draw: i already remanded custody of that queenship to b'jr
    [Now, before the resta you (i.e., jt ) get on my case about b'jr bein my "dumpin ground", lemme just point out that it's thanx to me & him workin together which's made a lotta great deals possible for the restaya. how? i turn over large quantities to him, which in turn makes him more comfortable with parting with the occasional rarity so that one of our mm netpals may have it. for example, by now he Coulda had five sickosailors; instead, four of you have them. so trust me: as i've said before, collecting's the art of the possible )
    howEver: since bc3's sending me (via jdah) an xtra, beat-up one for b'jr, i may be able to get him to part with it when that one arrives. i'll keep you abreast- and feel free to remind me if i forget ]
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    Thumbs up thred title applies here :)

    just got a pkg-o-goodies from lancashire (memo to jdah: HURRY THE HELL UP!! ) including detached-from-bases ent-d (kind of a joke ) and excelsior (also a bit of a joke, but Just intriguing enough to hang on to for a while, as opposed to the other which i turned over to b'jr right away in return, he's turned over to me his xtra interrogator droid for forwarding onto you, bc3 ) chesspieces- thanx
    also enclosed: euro-packaged quicksnap voy mminimodel the lack of deatil on this thing makes you appreciate the density of same on the galoob one; nonetheless, i find its differences intriguing, so thanks again
    finally: mmm-sized delta flyer, which bc3 kindly detailed for me (painted, decal application)! damn this thing's immaculate! i put it in the ds2 socket-berth of my mmm 3-pak for safe keeping & e-z ogling super-thanx
    now all we needa do is pressure jdah into sending my pkg, so that i won't have to wait any longer to send off jdah's containing-your-pkg shipment like i sed i would (timminator's mixtape'll also be enclosed; see the nice peer-pressure angle i worked into my piggybacking plan? now there'll be Three of us heckling jdah to hurry up )
    btw bc3, i got a chance to show b'jr the customs on your webpage, & he found em downright inspiring btw, you should display a 6-back b5 card on your backing cards section; doncha have one?
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    Eh up

    Glad that you like the stuff.

    Did have the sets 5/6 cards for B5 MM's but binned 'em - it was along time before I set up my website so I didn't think that I'd need 'em.

    Int Droid - hold off - just aquired a Dave Vader for my little boy and would you believe it, it has a Int Droid included.

    Customs - will be updating soon - new stuff and I have re-painted a few pieces that I was uphappy about.

    The new paint job on the TIE Hornet Interceptor is great - it is by FAR my best custom ever as it looks like a real MM - will be posting the new work in the next few days.



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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    GV section now updated - more updates imminent.


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    Red face bc3: "Int Droid - hold off - just aquired a Dave Vader"

    -you are inFURiating, yknow that?? how bout this: i'll see if b'jr kept his backing card from the b5 #5 set he paid $25 for at the recent trekcon. if so i'll enclose it. if not, maybe gsj'll let you have the one i'm sending him
    btw, your page's link to that other mm discussion/scalper forum doesn't seem to be valid anymore (gee, dyou think the controversy i brought there got it shut down? boo hoo, what a Shame that'd be for all them Poor scalpers ). however, my old sparring partner jedijones has an mm forum you might wanna list in its place: , as i recall
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    roger wilco!

    i will forward on to you brit cit, the packing card for bab 5 #5 upon receiving it from vt.

    did not have a chance to git to the post office to mail you your latest shipment , and now it looks like i won't be gettin' there until tuesday of next week. (sorry about that)

    i hope that's fine and dandy. if you wish, i could even wait longer, until i receive shipment from vt, and that way i'll include the packing card as well. (i'm sure you don't wish, but it is an option)

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