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Thread: thanx brit cit!

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    Eh up

    Whatever is easier for yourself, GSJ.



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    the betty has landed!

    thanx brit cit!

    what this now signifies is that i will now need to track down the alien(s) mm's so as to complete this line as well!

    (thank gawd!, i was gettin' a little bummed out that the hunt was nearin' an end)

    might as well be on the prowl for gal-voy's as well!

    you takin' any of this down hasbro?

    (ps., i still have not received the tc-14 yet , ya wanna give em a goose?, let em know times a wastin!)
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    what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding

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    Cheers - I will.


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    received set XI in today's mail from brit cit!

    fabulous! the republic cruiser is all that i hoped it would be! a real stand out micro machine!

    upon looking at the packing card, some of the shown but never released micro machine toys are a wattos shop platform set, which seems to include a never before released land speeder. The swamp invasion platform set includes a mm stap, and there are two more sets of pantspod racers. (actually in the jansen household, those guys ain't pants, the two jansen offsprings love those guys, and are always racing each other down the hallway)(dad jansen has fun with em too!)

    brit cit also heard my cries regarding sci fi mm space ships, and included an aerial hunter from the terminator micro machines collection! a really supberb micro machine!

    thanx again brit cit! wooo hooo!

    np: rolling stones - happy
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    what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding

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    Angry i'm gonna Kill jdah ;^[

    here it is nov 26- less than a month away from xmas and winter solstice- and gsj already gots his red & white dream. meanwhile, bc3 scored one for me this Spring & it's still in jdah's launch bay. fine kettle of mm fashion fish This is; this is just like the time i attended a luau on marlon brando's island on a sunday and my grass skirt didn't get back from the cleaners til monday
    funny; your not wantin an alien apc had me wondering if/when you'd go after a t2 aerial hk, while similarly passin on the ground hk. not that i could've leaped to that rescue via b'jr anyway; so far he only has six and so isn't ready to do swapouts of those anytime soon. so, though i'm a bit annoyed bc3's been hidin xtra sfmms from me (wonder what Else he's got? did gsj's hk come from your unopened collection bc3? good man ), i'm glad he came thru 4u
    i "like" the racers they didn't make mms of (after i "convert them to mms" by removin their wheel carriages, that is ), but only cuz they didn't make mms of them
    np: "never on sunday"
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    Hey VT

    T2 AHK is NOT from unopened collection.

    Have multiples of a few cool MM's.

    Have caught b'jrs fleet buildin' bug.


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    Red face you have? just when i was startin 2 think of you as my collectin Twin. . .

    . . .seein as how you've long shared my collectin priorities (one of every sfmm regardless of franchise- followed by your recent expansion into droiddom). oh well, i spose there's still ross the bounty hunter guy i can relate to (sfmm collector who also got into some bountyhunter stuff like me; anyone bsides baal remember him from the old galooBB?), wherever he is these days
    i put the question to you again sir: "wonder what (other rare sfmm xtras bc3's) got?"
    obsidian interrogator vt
    np: sade, "nothing can come between us"

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    We can't moan about the state of our own beds, VT I am awaiting a Betty from BC3 on your instructions so your ire is deflected away from me this time and thrice times nine backatchu. (I do sheepishly admit, howver, that I could've been a bit prompter.


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    Red face ok ok, 1 Valid poinT for you, 9,000,000 for me :P

    so you sayin all we're now waitin on is the betty? that's a good jdah but yorh Sheepish Admissions do not consuhn me, jadhmiral however, your answer to this quextion still does
    speaking of unanswered quextions, it appears Somone continues to resist my MMindprobe cmon bc3, it's not like i still hope to convince you to trade em, i's just curious
    np: glass, "facades"

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    I am becoming confused.

    I am sending the betty to jeddah, right?

    But is it for him (I did offer it to him first) or b'jr?

    If the latter, are we still on for the damaged reliant trade?



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