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Thread: thanx brit cit!

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    evenin' BC3 I see you're O/L at the mo' too ,

    It's for Baal jr but I'm to send it in my overseas package. I think we got our wires crossed when you offered it to me and I said "no, thanks" and VT then said it was for inclusion in their packages.


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    Talking "et's Royt; tew daiys agew ah saw a ve'cle thet cood 'aul that tankih. . .

    . . .yew wanna git outta here, yeh towk ta may" -mad max
    yep bc3, betty goes to jdah, & though it's been snowin so i haven't gotten together w/b'jr yet, we're still on for reliant trade and now it's time for. . .
    INSTANT AUSSIE ACCENT IN ONE E-Z LESSON (tm, patent pending):
    in just a few short moments while sitting there, all of you out there can acquire your own perfect austrailian accent! all you have to do is repeat the nonsense phrase "eat a choy, eat a choy, eat a choy choy" in your best approximation of an australian accent for about ten seconds. after that, your vocal processing'll be so sufficiently trained you'll be ready for your new job in the burgeoning, lucrative field of aussie commercial voice-over: "fostuh's: oh-STRALIAN fih Bee-ah, mate"
    np: men at work, "it's a mistake"

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    These Americans are crazy, BC3!


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    Re: "et's Royt; tew daiys agew ah saw a ve'cle thet cood 'aul that tankih. . .

    Originally posted by vulcantouch
    . . .it's been snowin
    man am i jealous! here in the land of eternal (apparently my woid fo' the day) summer, i only get to look forward to evening cool downs to oh say 60 degrees , and let's me tell's ya, that ain't no way to spend this 'oliday

    np: bing crosby - let it snow (i can dream can't i:happy: )
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    what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding

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    OT - Trilogy VHS

    BRITC, I have been charged with locating VHS copies of Classic SW Trilogy. Do you know of any retailers that are still selling 'em? I keep seeing them but can't remember where they were the last time

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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Sorry, no idea.

    I know you hate it, but Ebay will usually have what you need.



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    Jeddah - may these VHS tapes be...

    ....NTSC and copies, or must they be PAL and originals?

    If NTSC copies will suffice, I can assist for cost of blank tapes (about $3.00) and the shipping of your choice. I have the original and later re-mastered, extra-footage box-sets of the SWOT.

    Just lemme know.
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Thanks SWAFFEROO & BC3

    These are a Christmas present for a girl I work with's hubbie. I said I'd seen them around quite a lot but can't recall where. He was hassling her to get him the DVDs and she was going spare trying to find them until I told her the Classic Trilogy wasn't on DVD yet.

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