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Thread: thanx brit cit!

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    Talking thanx brit cit!

    jes received a snapfast trade federation lander courtisy of brit cit!

    until mm sets 14-16 are uncovered, this makes a wonderful substitute for this sorely needed vehicle!

    after snapping it together, i was able to fashion a small hole in the bottom, so's that it can be placed securely on a mm stand!

    it is currently on my computer screen at work, nestled between a trophy sith infiltrator, a klingon battle wagon, and die-cast gian speeder. the overall color scheme reminds me that fall is almost upon us!

    thanx brit cit! i love it!
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    No problem GSJ - I'm glad you enjoy it!

    Your Buck Rogers Starfighter should be with you in a few days too.

    By the way, I have a SPARE snap fast Trade Fed Lander if anybody wants it - LMK.



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    Angry you Damn punks! :PPPPPPPPP

    hidin an available dc buckyroj from Me, the guy who, since he was the one who brought it to y'all's collectin attention, should rightfully get first crack at it
    if nobudy else asks for that tf lander, i spose i'll take it
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    Hey VT

    I scored 2 BR Starfighters dirt cheap at auction (paint a bit chipped) - I knew that you had one so I offered the spare to GSJ.

    The snapfast - it's yours - do you want it sent to Jeddah or directly to yourself?



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    Question i DID have a bucky? I didn't know That ;P

    in that case i better go check, it Gotsta be around here somewhere
    plz hold off on tfl in case anyoen else wants

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    Whoops - I gotta start reading these posts more carefully.

    Never mind - I'm on the case with the snap faas Voyager - I should be able to bag one soon - will keep you updated.



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    vt, when brit cit offered it to me.....

    he had indicated that since you already had one, (he refered directly to your post about it) he wuz offering it to me.

    if he's mistaken, and in fact you don't have a bucky, by all means, i will forward this one to you when i receive it.

    it will be my pleasure!
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    Red face shEEEziss, it's gettin so a guy can't even call a coupla punks Punks without

    . . .havin em all jete selflessly to my "rescue" what is this, the Compassion Cirque Du Soleil??
    you guys are such Suckers for my self-serving rationales well if you Insist on sending me something i missed out on fair & square (is all fair in love, bassaball And mikomachines?), who'm i to stop y'all from yielding to yer sentimentality
    p.s. rockin on that voy, bc3 don't spend any more $$ than i would so you need that maquis or what (bountyhunter thred)?
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    ok, ok, ya big palooka yoooze.

    even though i thought i had clearly stated that brit cit only offered it to me cause he thought you had one, but that's beside the pernt.

    since all's fair in mico machinery land, let's say i trade you said bucky fer something (lawd knows the last person who needs rescuing is you!),

    as indicated in the bounty hunter thread, you seem to have forgotten some dinero's that i owe ya, so lets say we call it an even steven swap (if you wanna throw in your snap fast republic cruiser, seeing as how britcit snagged yoooze a real life mm one awhile back, i wouldn't complain)

    does that woik fa yooze?
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    Lightbulb gsj: "lawd knows the last person who needs rescuing is you"

    glad to hear it. . . i Think
    i'm afraid i planned on keepin my snapfast repcruiser, not only to compare it with the mm version (kept my snappy mtt for same reason; fascinating subtle diffs ), but cuz it's cool in its own right. however, if you're interested & bc3 don't want it (& as we haven't hearda peep aboot it from him it seems he don't), i'll be happy to add that quiksnap maquis i found at the con last weekend. i got my own already & consider it a sufficiently intruiging variant to warrant inclsion in my mm collection. so lmk if interested, i'll even assemble it for you if you wish meanwhile i'll keep eye out for good snappy reppy bargains
    of course, i Never forget deniros, be they Casino deniros or Untouchable deniros or Heat deniros or Midnight Run deniros or Meet Dah Parents deniros or Analyze Dis deniros or Gweefwalloes deniros (not to be confused with Gweefwalloes joe peskys or Gweefwalloes ray liottas )
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