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    I saw this 200 dollar monster ar a target today in san diego...WOW it is great I want it!

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    All I saw were the empty shelves and the price listed, so apparently there are quite a few who liked it! The Yoda looked cool, though.
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    I saw this last year when it was supposed to be an online exclusive for $300+. I'm glad to see that they've decided to release it to general retail. $200 is still a bit too much for me though.
    Considering how fast Targets put these kind of things on clearance, I'll be watching this one closely...
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    I'm more interested in the Yoda. Unfortunately Legos don't fly off the shelves that fast around here.
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    It is very impressive i was amazed when i saw it. It is very expensive. I need a 100% off sale But i guess i could settle for a 50% off sale later this year.

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    TRU and WalMart have also gotten this set. I've also seen the Yoda sculpture and the Darth Maul should also show up sometime since all three sets which have been previously Shop@Home exclusives have found their way into the retail stores. Not sure whethere KB will also carry them.
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    man i really want one of these things.
    300 dollary doo's is a bit much though
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D


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