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    Vintage Artoo's "face" details

    For as much as I love the vintage line (for it's purity), does anyone know why Kenner did such an awful job with Artoo's dome details?

    I mean... how hard is it to place more than 3 circles on the "face" and call it done!
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    I'm sure it has alot to do with the available technology at the time. I didn't notice how crappy my vintage figure was until 20 years later when we got new ones.
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    The newer Artoo figures are definitely much better, but there's something about the vintage ones that make me like them better. It's probably nothing more than good memories when I was younger and would bust them out after school for a couple of hours of play. What I like the most about the vintage ones is that all the heads clicked. The newer ones don't do that except for the CT R2 and R2-B1 and the red version (and we know how hard it's been to get a hold of these).
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    Thumbs up well,

    Basically, technology has progressed. Even today, the POTJ are better than the figures that came out in 1995.
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    I think Kenner was lazy. They couldn't do just a weeee bit of sculpting on his cylinder body? It was probably a money thing. Slap a sticker on him and call it a day...
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    I don't think it was laziness, more like panic. The movie was breaking records everywhere and Kenner had no product. They had to rush these toys through production just to have them available for Spring 1978, nearly a full year after the movie's release!

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    Rollo Tomasi
    As a young chap I always wondered why they couldn't add an optional third leg to that empty body.

    Later when the flashback version was released I kinda longed for my vintage !

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    Regarding Vintage Artoo's dome detail, that was sculpted in one piece and tooled unidirectionally from the top. Unfortunately, you can't get a whole lot of detail on a sphere this way. In the Modern line, Artoo's dome is made of two halves and pieced together to allow for the kind of detail we've got now. The processes are basically the same as today, but the materials hold detail much better.

    I agree with big barada, Kenner was pretty hasty getting these toys to market. Star Wars came out in May 1977 and Kenner scrambled to get these produced, but still couldn't make it in time for Christmas. I couldn't find any figures until February '78 when I spotted a lone Chewbacca on the pegs at Fay's Drugs, almost a year after the film's release. Now we get Planet of the Apes and Jurassic Park III collecting dust weeks before its tie-in comes out.

    Go figure.

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    I didn't see any figures until around Christmas 1978, but of course I was 5 years old and didn't do much shopping on my own.

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    Originally posted by MisterPL
    Now we get Planet of the Apes and Jurassic Park III collecting dust weeks before its tie-in comes out.

    Go figure.
    Ya know, I was just thinking about this recently - how deadened I've become to all the hype about EVERYTHING. I know this sounds like a "things were better in my day" thing, but it's gotten to the point that I don't think anybody can tell what's important or even potentially good, because everything is hyped to the hilt before you even see it, whether it's music, a movie, whatever.

    Ah, the innocent days of my youth................

    Does anybody else think that this is another thing that "Star Wars" marked the end of - the genuine build-up of public anticipation over time, rather than "this week, this movie is a MUST SEE, easily the best thing since sliced week, after the reviews come out that it SUCKED, we'll have a new product to sell to you."


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