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    Exclamation Anyone looking forward for more figures!

    I've got 25 out of the 27 new basic figures and I just can't wait until the next batch are released. Anyone else feel the same way!

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    Yeah, bring them on, I broke out of my established 11 figure list that I was gonna buy yesterday, instead got 15, plus Im looking forward to Bespin Luke, Rescue Mace and Obi Wan Pilot.
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    Yep!! These are gonna be the "good ones"...
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    I am looking forward to more figures with less gimmicks.

    The magnets are OK (for limbs), but I still prefer the old POTF2 method of removable limbs.

    I HATE those "quick draw" etc. features!

    Oh, but back to the subject, YES I am looking forward to Bespin Luke and Vader, Supreme Chancelor Palpatine (AKA melanoma man) hehehe.
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    I was not expecting these figures to be so great, but after MM I am so hopped up! This line is sooooo much better that POTJ (which isn't hard to beat) so I can't wait for more.

    Unfortunately with the now seemingly immovable glut of Ani, Obi, and Padme pegwarmers, will we ever get new stuff put out next month?
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