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    Unhappy AOTC action figure Spoilers?

    On some of the figures I bought or considered buying, there were some fairly-significant plot spoilers mentioned on the card backs; i.e. Jar Jar's involvement in Chancellor/Emperor Palaptine's rise to power, Count Dooku/Darth Tyrannus, etc. Is this a bad thing? A good thing? An indifferent thing?

    Are there any other plotlines exposed, since I haven't seen all of the figures yet?
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    Yeah... I think the Obi-Wan figure mentions there is an attempt on Padme's life. I think Artoo's has mention of that as well.

    Oh- most of the main characters have pretty fair spoilers on the cardbacks from what I have read.
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    Well Dooku does have a red lightsaber, it's kinda obvious that he's a bad guy anyway. But I do have to agree, the cards and figures both are ripe with spoilers. I think Hasbro is trying to give us less re-sculpts this time around, so they are including spoilers on the early figures, so they don't have to go back and do a re-sculpt so the fans can have their removable limb figures.

    Anything that saves us from excessive re-sculpts is a good thing in my book. Also remember that originally we were only gonna have 14 figures come out on April 23rd, and ended up getting waves that weren't due til after the movie hit. So the spoilers on Jar Jar and Dooku, etc...would have been known by then anyway.

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    I didn't get as far as reading the card backs, I just ripped my figures open and started playing like a ten year old again There were spoilers on the back? Oh.

    I think in the over all scheme of things even if you have the spoilers on the card backs they don't really give too much away and you can't be totally spoiled because there's so little info you couldn't possibly put all the pieces together and have the entire plot ruined. It's no worse than anything shown in the trailers really and they show a fair bit. the TV ads are showing a fair bit too. I'm actually amazed at how much LFL have 'thrown' away with this movie. We've all seen what the clones look like, what Jango gets up to. We've seen Zam in action, A fair bit of the plot has gone west with all the talky bits in the trailers and ads. So many magazine features revealing stuff. I think it's fair to say that it appears that non spoiler people are a minority these days. Not sure if that's good or bad. I know a lot of the excitement left me when I realised how much was being given away about the movie. But I just got sucked into a big spoiler fest and couldn't claw my way out. At the end of the day I kind of miss how we didn't know a damn thing about the OT when they hit the theaters. It was all just speculation until the release. Now with the internet we get all the whole thing months before the film is due to open and then LFL go and confirm it by issuing pictures of scenes we've been debating about in terms of validity of information.
    Hopefully LFL will keep a tight lid on EPIII and none of us will know anything until the last minute so we all get a real gift of a movie experience without sitting there going "Oh, I know what happens next..." and feeling somehow incomplete for it. I mean, having bus stop adverts everywhere in the UK showing the clones and Dooku with a red saber is something od a big spoiler don't you think? If they'd left off the saber and had the clones as silhouettes I would have thought it was cool but seeing everything laid out so graphically was sort of like having gold fillings stolen while I was stood there.... not a good analogy but you get what I'm on about right?

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    Well, what about Hanger Ani and Zam Wesell??? If someone is really tring to avoid knowing anything about the movie, well, they SHOULD stay away from the figs but, both of their arms come off. What bigger spoiler is there then seeing Anakin's arm come off as you are getting it out of the package!!! I knew about it but that is what happened to me. You can't get his arm out unless you take it off! Oh well . . .
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    I didn't feel my pre-AOTC movie viewing experience was "ruined" by reading the toys' packaging, I was just surprised at the amount of information listed. I'm also glad the cards weren't generic ones with stickers over the UPC codes, but unique ones for each figure. Would've liked more "other figures" listed at the bottom than just 4.
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    In a sense, and although this sounds totally trite and i apologise for citing an old argument that's very tired - if you really don't want to know, don't look. It's kind of like picking up a video titled 100 ways to skin a cat if you're squeamish and then moaning because it made you sick to the stomach and you threw up. If you don't like that sort of thing you don't watch it. Similarly, if you don't want to know what's happening in the movie you don't read the charater bio on the back. There isn't a lot they could say about Anakin that isn't a spoiler. If it's a new character it's going to contain spoilers and it's a little naive to think it's not.
    I'm not bashing anyone here but it strikes me as odd that you would continue to read the cardbacks if you relise after one line they contain spoilers. Wouldn't it be easier to either rip them off the cards without looking at the cards or just pin them to the wall without reading anything? I bought 19 figures on tuesday and opened everyone without reading the cards. It is possible to do.

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    Hey, you're all buying the toys 3 weeks early. You're browsing a forum with the word "spoilers" in it. Now you're complaining that you know Anakin's arm comes off? Quit pretending that you don't want to know, right this minute, exactly what is in this story. If you want secrets, shut off your computer, stay away from other fans, don't go to any stores, and just hold it til 5/16.

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    gibby, those are valid points and as a spoiler junkie I don't care what I read on the figure packages. But my issue is this: LFL and their partners are pretty controlling of their spoilers (that's their right) as they slowly release tidbits to build appeal or whatever. And then 3 weeks before the movie hits, BOOM everything's out, children's storybooks with detailed spoiler pics (I browsed yesterday and saw Anakin holding Shmi's body - I assumed he carried her as he found her, but instead he has wrapped her in a blanket; the armless Anakin pic we've seen is in there too).

    So, yes I do agree with those who say we should work harder to avoid spoilers if we don't like them, but I must sometimes at the spoiler strategy of our beloved George and his goons.

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    Arrow Re: AOTC action figure Spoilers?

    Originally posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    On some of the figures I bought or considered buying, there were some fairly-significant plot spoilers mentioned on the card backs; Is this a bad thing? A good thing? An indifferent thing?
    This was a question, not a gripe.

    I don't recall too much of the plot given away with the Ep1 toy packaging, that's all. Interesting that Lucasfilm/Hasbro decided this time to put more movie tidbits in print. When a few months/years have passed, this will obviously be a moot issue. Why must you all torment and accuse me so?!?
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