don't know if memphis collectors read this forum. but have seen one or two so here's a report from tues and wed morning.

millington walmart:
does not have royal guard, tuan we, luminara.
does have all 24 others including count dooku which i saw several of wed morning , but not tues morning.

bartlett walmart:
as of tues morning,
does not have royal guard, tuan we, luminara.
i dont remember seeing dooku, geo warrior or dex either.

bartlett tru :

bartlett target :
orig. 14

memphis super kmart :
has only orig 14.

midtown memphis target :
had royal guard , but very doubtful it is still there.

southhaven mississippi walmart :
no luminara or royal guard.
all others including tuan we and dooku.

southhaven mississippi super kmart:
no aotc whatsoever

southhaven mississippi taget:
will be putting out aotc on april 28

... ps. i have an extra count dooku for trade , i need luminara.