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    Backgrounds ruin bubbles

    Has anyone noticed that a majority of the figures with background inserts have bad bubbles.

    It seems that the cards push on the sides of the bubbles. This seems to tweek the bubbles.

    I for one am glad that Hasbro removed these.
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    I like the whole insert idea. It kind of makes the figures a little more appealing. I wish they would have made them in full color instead of that weird bluish tint. There's one figure, I think it's the super battle droid, that has the background totally curved, not as flat as the other ones.

    anyways, they're not nearly as good as the CT chips. I wish they brought them back.
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    Well if they were gonna turn out like the Geonosian Warrior's background, I'm glad they stopped. The Warrior's is just a giant purple blot.
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    I LOVE CommTechchips!!!

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    I'm glad Hasbro tossed 'em. They were just wasting paper, anyway. As soon as I opened mine, into the garbage they went. Completely worthless.
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    I am glad they took them out, but i am looking for the set with cards though.
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    I would give my left *** to get them figures with the backgrounds...... I think they look pretty neat (& plus you can have mini dioramas!!!!!!)


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