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    In the year 2002, quality control at Hasbro is no better, and possibly even worse than at any other time in its history. We have backgrounds, spelling mistakes, stickers, moles, pimples ... what have you. How hard is it to make products uniform? Just imagine if Boeing, Microsoft, or Coke had has many problems as Hasbro does (well actualy ...)

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    Well... the mole on Padme SHOULD be there... it shouldn't be on any of the other characters. My Obi-Wan (the best of the bunch) had too much white paint in the corner of his eye... right next to the nose. I had to scratch that out so it didn't look like a bird pooped on his face!
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    I do not care for variations, but I guess there are a lot of people who do, well whatever floats their boat. To me as long as my figure is complete, and has all its accessories, Im satisfied. Plus I bet this will help clear the pegs of a lot of Super Battle Droids, Padmes, R2D2s etc. to make space for later Waves.
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    That's an interesting theory CrossWizard. Intentional variations to clear the room for future waves ... is Hasbro that smart? Honestly I wish there was never this background issue, I really want to rip open Super Battledroid, Padme, and Geonosian, but I have not seen any definitive answers on their status (outside they are the variation).

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