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    Thumbs down Grrrr, Hasbro did'nt paint Jango's arm connections...

    On the Kamino excape they did'nt paint the connections running from his forarms to his shoulders... while on the Preview figure they are painted blue...

    Cheap Bas****s!!!
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    Didn't notice that on the pics i've seen of it. Could it be an error or something?

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    good eye D.O. I had to look again at mine.You're right.Mine are unpainted too.Easy fix.Shouldn't need to be fixed though
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    You said it Dryanta, it should'nt be fixed...

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    I'd fix those if I had gotten that one. That's so stupid that we have to "correct" Hasbro's errors.

    I had to fix Obi-Wan's eyebrows... what- did Ewan "pluck" before they detailied the figure? I re-detailed his hair and bear as well. The colour's all wrong so I fixed it. It's MUCH better now!
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