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    Classic Trilogy or Special Edition?

    I'm sure this one's been thrown out here before, but I was wondering how others feel about the 'classic' Trilogy versus the 'special edition' Trilogy; and what the consensus is regarding a possible 'ultimate edition'?

    Here's my two cents:

    I liked some of the elements of each of the 'special editions'. I loved the additional footage of the vehicles and ships in ANH. The Millennium Falcon takeoff scene is awesome. Greedo shooting first was just stupid! In ESB, the addition footage of Bespin gave the city alot more depth. The Vader's shuttle scene was too obviously cut and pasted in and interferes with the sequence of action. In ROTJ, can we say 'Little Shop of Horrors'? The new Sarlacc was lame, and the music number sucked. The new ending was ok, and the new music was definitely better.

    My big concern about an 'ultimate edition' is how badly it will contrast with the original footage. Lucas is now so hell-bent on using as much digital material as possible that any further insertions into the originals would seem to be grossly out of place.
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    I too think GL uses to much CGI in his movies - I just saw ESB the other day and thought of the scenes that would be totally different nowadays like the Probe Droid flying - it just looks more realistic when it's a miniature-made model than something animated

    answering to the question, I too like some scenes of the SE better and some less than the OT

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    For some reason the CGI stuff just looks better than props, models and rubber masks, IMO. I think it's because everything moves so much smoother.

    As for the choice of SE or non-SE: I will pick non-SE for ANH since most of the added stuff is just cringe inducing. I pick SE for ESB since all the improvements really did improve the movie. For ROTJ it's sort of half and half, I didn't like the enhanced musical number but I really liked the improved Sarlacc and new ending theme music.
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    The SE was definatley the best SE released. All the additions to it didn't detract from the story and they actually fit really well. ROTJ, there wasn't that much stuff he changed, so that is bearable. What I have problems with is ANH. Greedo shooting first was horrible, replacing CLASSIC cantina members with CGI characters was a bad move, the lightsaber colors NEED to be fixed, etc...

    If I had to choose between SE and Original on DVD, I'd go with the original.
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    I'm going to assume that you are referring to the ESB:SE when you talk about the best SE released. I know some people had a problem with Luke's scream; but I don't really even notice it. However, I do notice it missing from the original version of ESB when I watch it now.

    Maybe Lucas should offer up Archival Edition DVDs through the Fan Club. This would make the original versions available to fans AND prevent confusion in the marketplace by releasing two versions of the same movies.
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    In regards for the ANH SE I liked the new space battle scenes. The Greedo scene, I agree I hate it, & I thought the scene w/Jabba was just as bad. I didn't care for the Imperial shuttle scene in ESB because that was a different shot taken from ROTJ when Vader arrived on the DS 2 u could see Moff JerJerrod for a couple of seconds. In ROTJ SE I liked the new ending scene. Thanks.

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    Special Edition

    Bad additions

    1. Greedo shoots first.
    2. Jabba's scene with Han in ANH.
    3. Changing Vaders words when he orders his shuttle in ESB.
    4. Luke sceaming.
    5. Ewok's having a victory party in ROTJ.
    6. Jabba's palace music minute... What a load of SH**...

    Good Additions

    1. The Deathstar battle in ANH.
    2. Tattione.
    3. Bespin.
    4. Scarlac pit.
    5. Sound improvement in all 3 movies.

    I always tend to vote for the good things, And I'm voting for the Special Edition

    When the SE #2 comes out I hope they remove the 5 bad points I've mentioned.

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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    I'm going to assume that you are referring to the ESB:SE when you talk about the best SE released.
    Yes, I meant ESB, I need to start proofreading more.

    Also I do not like the Jabbas Palace Jedi Rocks new song, it was totally out of place and annoying.
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    If I had to choose, I mean REALLY choose, between the 2 of 'em, I'd go with the originals. However, I like some of what was done with the SEs, mostly in the effects shots like the Falcon lifting out of the docking bay, so I'd prefer to simply edit together the elements I love from the classics with the good parts of the SEs. Obviously, that's different for each person, so hopefully Lucas will make versions of both on DVD or HD-DVD when it comes along.

    Any future edition changes should be very careful not to make any more "Greedo Fires First" or "Luke Screams during the fall" mistakes. Since Lucas seems totally incapable of avoiding those pitfalls, he should not bother doing another version.
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    am I the only one who absolutely LOVED the Special Editions?

    there's nothing that they added/changed, that I didn't like.......nothing......
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