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    On the HD Anakin blister...

    There's the sticker. Now on the one in the Picture Archive, the sticker on the blister says, "With slashing lightsaber action!" (either "slashing" or "dueling"). now, for owners of HD Anakin, did the sticker on your blisters say that? Because the one on mine said, "With secret battle feature!" It was referring to the removable arm.

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    Mine says "With Dueling Lightsaber Action", but I also saw in at work today the "With Secret Battle Feature as well. They are a variant. I don't know which is HTF but it is a variant. Does't really matter to me.
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    Thats cool. I didnt see that variant. I will have to keep my eyes open for it.
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    I got both of them. Both were easy to find. Don't lose any sleep over trying to get one or the other. All you have to do is peel the sticker off and replace it with the other. NO "extra" value there for either of them.

    This is the ONLY Saga figure I opened and I hate to say it, but it sucked. Are all the Star Wars toys this cheap??? His green saber is constantly falling off, his arm keeps falling off, what a cheap piece of crap. He looks SO much better carded.

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    I...I..really don't know.
    I got him. I think he kicks ***. Nothing wrong here. True these gimmicks are stupid. But the magnets are ok. The Mace, Darth Vader and Luke Bespin (that all?) have stupid sticks sticking out their asses.
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    gimmicks are what will make the kids happy, and thats who these toys are for first and foremost, not bitter collectors who aren;t happy with anytihng
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    Originally posted by Unit-01
    The Mace, Darth Vader and Luke Bespin (that all?) have stupid sticks sticking out their asses.
    What the heck are you referring to???
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    I think he's talking about the button on the back of the figure right above the waistline that activates some feature. There's another thread around here about the Mace Windu fig with the button, I wasn't aware Bespin Luke and Vader also had it....

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    Man oh man I can't believe how easy it is for some people to find the HD Anakin. I've been to 10 different stores all over Dallas (each one at least twice, the ones close to me about 4 times each) and I can't even determine if the stores have those cases yet. They definitely aren't putting them out.

    Oh well, I'm not about to go on Ebay and justify those idiot scalpers exsitences.

    P.S. - If anyone happens to have an extra, or be able to get one at a store near them, I'd would definitely buy/trade something good for it.
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    pthfnder89, I was just at a Super Wal-Mart in the San Antonio area and they had several HD Anakins. I'm still looking for Dooku, Yoda, Luminara, Taun We, and the Royal Guard. I'll trade you if you want, and if I can still grab another HD Anakin.


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