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    So, does everyone here play with SW figures?

    I know we all collect them, but does everyone here PLAY with them? IMO, there is nothing better(Well, cough). There is nothing wrong with a adult playing with toys ya know.

    What about the men and women that play video games? Aint they playing? Oh well, I know I sure play with figures, AND DAMN PROUD OF IT Besides, there is so much more things that I could be doing more harmful to myself, and others.

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    I do.

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    Didn't used to play with the figures, but those gimmicks have gotten me. They just make things much more interesting (Zam with Obi-Wan's saber sticking out of the stump? -- It's like FREAKIN' "ARMY OF DARKNESS" WITH THE CHAINSAW!!!!)

    The vehicles I always played with, but these are much better too. Gotta love the hidden missile launcher and sonic charges on Jango's Slave 1. Probably ticked off my dorm roommate when I unloaded all four missiles at the back of his head.
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    No, can't say I do. Unfortunately I do not have the imagination to play with my toys that I once had as a kid.

    The closest thing to it, is me opening them, putting them on a stand, and posing them
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    Yes. I have a royal guard with me right now and he's plotting to overthrow the Emperor upstairs at bedtime by coercing the stormtroopers into staging a rapid revolution so that they can elect the royal guard as Emperor and then throw the old Emperor off the toy shelf into the jaws of the dog waiting at my feet. I guess they think the dog is a Gorax or something, Anyway once they've staged the revolution they'll be taking the AT-ST's and the AT-AT for a joyride round the bathroom and down the hall, just to kick back once the tension of a major coup de gras has passed......

    So in a word - yes. :happy:

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    Absolutely! The ones I've had the most fun with are:

    - Super Battle Droid (blow him WAY up 'cause his spring is way strong, then rebuild him better, stronger, more heavily armed )
    - Jango Kamino w/ his Slave I (Jan-goes in, Jan-goes out, Jan-goes in, Jan-goes out)
    - Slave I by itself (Jango rattles around a bit much in his seat, so I concentrate on collecting the sonic charges and missiles after flying it around)
    - Anakin's Speeder w/ Obi-Wan Coruscant (after wedging that figure in, this toy is so much fun to play with)
    - Anakin Tatooine (I went out and bought this one at WM just because I liked Obi-Wan's magnetic "Force" gimmicks so much. Ani's are better, just wish his right arm wasn't a telescoping saber)

    Least favorite to play with:
    - Genosian Warrior (simply 'cause I can't get him to stay upright afterwards)
    - C-3PO (chest plate looks terrible, but worse, face plate is cracked)
    - Zam Wesell in her Speeder (yikes, I spent half an hour failing to get her into that cockpit properly!)
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    Heck Yeah!

    Threepio is constantly needing to be fully assembled.
    Artoo is just a beeping away.
    Meanwhile, Anakin's force effect is extremely groovy to mess around with --- and, yes, flying in the face of certain blasphemy here, I'm having a field day with his much maligned retractable saber blade. First of all, he kicks serious butt as his simply knocks everybody else's right out of their hands . . .

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    , glade to hear it!!!!!

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    I used to catch a lot of flak from friends and family members because I never gave up toys. I never went through a toys are for kids phase like most people seem to do, but at some point I did stop "playing" with them". It never bothered me at all that people thought it was weird for a teenager and later an adult would buy toys, but I eventually just stopped playing with them. I still open ALL my figures, but I pretty much leave them on display on a shelf. I always used to say that I thought even adults should play with toys. I always considered it a kind of therapy I guess, and I always used to say how I was always gonna play with toys! I think I'm gonna go looking for what I lost later today. I think I'm actually gonna play with my toys tonight. I'm gonna try and become a kid again. If even only for a little while.


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