I was just remembering what a AF designer said. That he would like to make a larger AF, not figures but make the ships like the MM Star Destroyer playset. I would love for this to happen. Some of the first ships released could be:

1) Imperial Star Destroyer
2) Senator Barge from EP2 with 2 Slots in the wings to hold the Naboo Fighter escorts
3) Republic Assault Ship
4) Mon Cal Cruiser
5) Queen Amidala's Royal Cruiser
6) Yuuzhan Vong Worldship

And so on, each ship can come with say 4 figures and a Micro ship like the escape pod/ fighter that was included wuth the 3 3/4 inch figure Naboo Royal Cruiser. What do all of you guys and girls think about this? And howabout a petition to get the line going?