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    Thumbs down Oh-no, another figure to custom... Since seeing Hasbro can't make them right...

    Look at that thingy on his back, I really wanted a normal Mace, look at what they did to him!!!

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    Awww great, just great, some of the coolest looking figures I was looking forward to are now crap thanks to that stick coming out of their butts.
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    Ehh, No big deal. So far all the action features have been pretty fun in my opinion. Brings back fond memories of all the cool toys back in the 80's that I loved. It's on his backside, so it's not like it ruins the look of the figure from the front or sides. And if you dont like it, cut it off flush to the figure, and if you really want, toss on some putty and paint.

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    I'm guessing that's the Geonosian Rescue Mace? If so, that's cool. I don't mind it, and if I want I could cut it down some. As far as normal Maces go though, I think the Deluxe one is pretty good. Especially for an Arena diorama.
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