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Thread: Ridiculous

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    Look at what some of these people are doing.

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    That's just plain SICK!!! I hate those people. The people buying them should be shot, too. Can't you folks wait like 3-4 weeks until we get more Count Dookus on the pegs??? JEEZ!
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    Oh well, if they have the money to blow, let 'em blow it. A guy I work with just spent $60,000 on a '99 Dodge Viper. Nice if you can afford it Personally though I'd rather wait a couple of weeks for more figures to show up instead of pay out the nose on eBay.

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    I couldn't agree more with you fellows.

    This is just the kind of thing that sends collectors in a false panic. Thinking that we won't get that Count Dooku fig right now. Sheesh. Remember the Darth Maul! After awhile stores couldn't get ride of him. Dooku is no Maul, Jango is the real "villian here" wait and see what happens to him!
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    I don't get, are people so stupid that thier always stuck with the idea of "e-bay"... Hello theres on-line stores that have them at normal price!!!

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    Some etailers have Dooku in stock?? Where? While I dont like those insane prices on Dooku, its Hasbros fault for not evening out the selection more. Less Anakin collection 1, more Dooku.

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    Rare?lmao The figure is just short packed for a bit.I swear..some people need a reality check.

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    Originally posted by InsaneJediGirl
    Rare?lmao The figure is just short packed for a bit.I swear..some people need a reality check.
    He's not even shortpacked, he's packed 2 per case, just like almost every other figure in the line. He was just a last minute figure, so is a little hard to find at the moment for some. Just wait, by the time the movie opens we will see plenty of the Count on the pegs.

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    Ive seen a couple of Dookus since yesterday morning on Ebay at $5.88 with a buy it now price of $6.99-$7.99, but theyre usually gone 2 minutes after they are posted. Also those of you who are not so lucky and need your Dooku fix, try, they have all 27 figures plus Luke, Vader and Mace in stock for $6.50, but Ive heard theyre a bit slow on the shipping(about 1-2 weeks)
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    If people want to spend there money let them.. the funny thing is one of the guys selling the Figs, is actually an e-bay employee.. LOL a fool and his money are soon parted.. if some idiot wants to blow all there money for nothing I say let them… it’s not like they are being forced.. no one holds a gun to there head and says “you will bid now!” and personally I can wait until they come out cheap.. That’s me though I guess there are people who can’t, who are any of us to say how others should spend there money? Stupid they may well be, but then stupidity is the most abundant element in the universe. (as demonstrated by the person with the ingenious idea of shooting the buyers and sellers involved in the “Rare Dooku” auctions…)
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