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    Question Anyone interested in Tri-Logo ATOC figs?

    Hi everyone!

    Is anyone out there looking for Tri-logo ATOC or POTJ, POTF2 figs? I am looking for the American versions and would like to trade stright up for them rather than buy them online.


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    Yes, I am VERY interested. I would be willing to trade 1 for 1. E-mail me with a list and refrences.

    BTW, I also have access to a TIE Bomber and Snowspeeder!
    May the force be with you.

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    Awesome! I have the first 20 figures from Episode 2 - in Canada we only got 21 figures. I couidn't find Dexter Jettster but I bought him from a Comic store on a US card (for $15 Canadian - about $10 US). I can get the trilingual one now, however. I would gladly trade them for US carded ones. In Canada we often miss out on a lot of the waves, for example we never got the Eeth Koth wave or the FX-7 wave so as you probably guessed I'm looking for those as well. I'd love to get the TIE Bomber and Snowspeeder!

    Which figures do you need? I have the Dagobah Vader with "secret Luke" sticker that was a Canada variant if you need one.

    Let me know!

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    sith killer, do you have access to any more tie bombers and snowspeeders? I still need one of each.

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    mke6124, a local tru had a good many of the figures from the fx-7 and eeth koth wave yesterday. If it would help I could look again today for you. Maybe you know where I can get two mara jade figures?

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    I also have an abundance of tri-logo stuff, (being in the UK and all) and if I don't have it I can certenly try and find it, I don't ever sell stuff really though so I would only be interested in trading
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    I'd love to get my hands on any of those figures!

    Sorry I can't help you out with the Mara Jade figures - the expanded universe figures never came out in Canada (except the Shadows of the Empire guys).

    Which tri-lingual figures are you looking for?

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    not really looking for any tri-logo stuff, however we might be able to work out another trade. First things first though, let me go over to tru and see if i can still find those figs. I will post again later on today.

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    sorry, didnt make it to tru today. a potential client called and needed me to come do a qoute-gotta make money to pay for my SW fix ya know?! Will check tomorrow for you.


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