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    Most seen figure?

    I don't have the Dooku figure yet, and most of the people I have talked to while looking for him have the same issue.
    Question : What is the figure that you all have seen the most? for me it's Jango Fett. I swear this guy is ever where, and in mass numbers!!! The TRU I first went to had a floor bin 3/4 of the way full of this guy. So I did my part to help make room for the next wave of figures and bought three.
    So who do you see the most of? and who is the least?
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    For me there's been no sign of Dooku, Royal Guard or Zam.

    The figure I've seen most of is without a doubt the Super Battle Droid. I really can't see this guy selling in the quantities they have him in stock, its ridiculous. I went to two TRU stores on Tuesday and they had racks and racks of the fella. Okay, I think you get the picture.

    The second most common figure I've seen has been Anakin OPD. Possibly because its a piece of trash.
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    Anakin... Tonnes of Anakin.
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    Jeez, all the figures from the first wave (the basic 14) are plentiful around here with the exception of Padme. She was sold out at 2 stores I went to.

    But as for the most, I'd have to say Anakin or Jango Fett. Frickin' everywhere, I tell ya what.
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    Yep, Anakin (OPD), Jango and C3P0 are flooding shelves here.
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    Peasant Anakin. It's all I freaking see ANYWHERE here.

    What I wouldn't give for there to be Jar Jar's clogging the pegs...

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    Dexter Jettster & Dooku!!!!!

    just kidding, all I see here is Chase Kenobi, Peasant Anakin, & Jango Fetts!!!!!

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    I have seen tons of Jar Jar Binkses (Senator), Kit Fistos, and Saesee Tinns. I did manage to find a Super Battle Droid and a Nikto, though.
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    The most seen at retail: Anakin OPD, Padme CH (crack ho), OB1 CC.

    The most seen on ebay: Count Dooku

    ...those scalper punks
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    I thought I made a pretty decent haul at Super Target yesterday when I found Dexter, R2, Kit Fisto, and Saesee Tin - figures I previously hadn't seen anywhere - but I really hit the mother lode today at a Super Wal-Mart.

    As I'm walking through the doors I see a guy pushing a basket out to the parking lot and this thing is full to the brim of SW stuff. So I'm thinking Oh great, I bet that guy just cleaned the place out. Much to my surprise though, they had quite a few of almost every single figure (though no Dookus, Royal Guards, Luminaras, Taun Wes, or Geonosians). By and large though the figure I've seen the most is Peasant Anakin, followed by the Battle Droids, then Jango and Boba.

    Now if I can just find those last 5 figures, I'll have all the ones worth buying, so far....


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