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Thread: Gimmicks=Kid$

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    Arrow Gimmicks=Kid$

    I remember reading a post when I first joined up here at SSG about how kids would not like the new gimmicks "installed" into the AOTC line.Well,that is wrong.Having two brothers(11 and 13)
    they easily fell for the gimmicks,and now,every afternoon I hear:

    "Look!Look!..See you turn this wheel(HD Anakin) and the arm moves!"


    "See?Jango Fett's little missle launcher?Isnt it great?"

    However,I know this wont June,they will go back to pokemon and whatever the little fad is.The point of the thread is
    to show,Hasbro isnt as dumb as we think they are.I'm sure there are other kids out there who have done the same thing,while of course,Hasbro is rolling around in money(at least for the first wave).

    ((PS-Didnt know which forum to put this in! ))
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    I like SOME of the gimmicks... I know! I know! I'm a total kid at heart!
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    Re: Gimmicks=Kid$

    Originally posted by InsaneJediGirl
    they easily fell for the gimmicks,and now,every afternoon I hear:

    "Look!Look!..See you turn this wheel(HD Anakin) and the arm moves!"
    Thats funny, I say the same stuff when I am playing with my toys....and I am 24 years old.
    Just a big kid I guess.
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    I'm not saying the gimmicks arent all bad(I like the missle launcher).I was simply bringing up a point that was talked
    about in eariler threads.
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    I know exactly what you mean, last night my uncle took my 12 year old cousin to Toys R Us after he saw my AOTC figures and got somewhat excited, they came back half an hour later with C3P0, R2D2, Jango, the Super Battle Droid and Deluxe Mace, and he was prancing all over the place doing sounds and shooting rockets and projectiles everywhere. Kids will love the figures and have a hell of a time with the gimmicks, but unlike most of us not all of them are Star Wars fans, so a few weeks or maybe a month after seeing the movie their excitement might slowly fade away.
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    I like stuff like R2's light and sounds (though I'm not sure that counts as a "gimmick). I have no use for a grappling hook or missile launcher on my Jango, though...or a big blob of neon-coloured "force energy" sticking out from any of my Jedi's hands. But for the most part the gimmicks don't seem to detract from the figures much. At least with the force energy and muzzle flash accessories you can just leave them off if you don't like them.

    I'm sure kids probably like all of the goofy features.

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    One gimmick I LOVE is the METAL Handle Lightsabers.....Excellent whether they work or not...It is Very cool to have Lightsaber hilts made of metal and in scale

    Owen Out!!

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    Yeah, I was never a big proponent of the gimmicks, but they didn't really bother me for the most part. The only ones I was worried about were ones that detracted from the figure. And after buying most of them I'm glad to find out there are only one or two that really affect the figure in a bad way.

    Some I like, some I don't (I LOOOOOVE Jangos grappling rope, but I never use his firing missile) but I don't really hate any of them so far.

    Even Zams arm stays on really well, so I can pretend it's not magnetized.
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    Ahhh…. the gimmicks.. well in reality Hasbro were falling well behind other good toy companies with this, ok so the little bits of plastic doesn’t make the guns look like there shooting, but hey they are trying

    The thing is people are saying that kids will get board with it in a week or two, because they aren’t really star wars fans, well when I was that age I got board with the old figures as well, the thing is with the new movies it’s going to mean in a few years time these disinterested “kids” are going to get back into it the same way most of us (I would assume) did….

    God help them when they go out looking for the rare figure they need to finish there set, it was hard enough to keep track of Han and his Carbonight block, much less Jango and his two guns, grappling hook, launching missile, standard missile and helmet… oh the humanity…. It reminds me of the terrible days trying to find that horrible little gun Endor P/L was supposed to have hidden under her poncho…

    Some of the gimmicks are cool, some suck… (ever tried to rap the chain around Padme’s neck and arms like it shows on the back of the box? It just ain’t gunna happen…) but the great thing is we get new Star Wars toys, and that’s the important thing.
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    I like the gimmicks. It really puts this line into a different class than the other lines. What I really don't like are all the one-pose wonder Jedi we're getting. I wish that Hasbro had made cloth robes for some of these, like Luminara, Nikto, and Jar Jar so they weren't just eye candy.

    Does anyone else like the included lightsaber in Ani's arm besides me? I know it looks kind of goofy, but I think it's a neat throwback to the vintage line. I wish they made a Dooku or OB1 figure like that too.
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