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Thread: 501st

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    Exclamation 501st

    Just curious, how many people here are members or soon to be members of the 501st? How many people here have some kind of Star Wars costume (serious one, not the kiddie ones) or just an authentic (looking) mask?

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    I have great Jedi gear!

    I'm not on your "side"... but I thought I'd chime in!
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    I am seriously considering a Jango costume. I have been visiting the 501st website and a few others.
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    Hmm. not too many. Not as many as I would have expected.

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    I've been in the process of making a complete set of Jedi Robes for a while now and check out the Fighting 501st regularly.However,If I wanted to join something like that I would have to join Rouge Squadron on EzBoard. Because 501st doesnt accept Lightsiders.
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    Thumbs up

    I bought a Chewie mask that has awesome detail, the only things missing are the blue eyes...
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    Re: 501st

    Can anyone tell me how the hell you get into the 501st or even get a costume for it? Is it a secret society?
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    Re: 501st

    I wasn't around when this thread was first posted. I am a member of the 501st. The only requirements are that you have a professional "movie accurate" as they put it, costume. You submit the photo of your "costume" and if approved, your in. We do a lot of charity work, and we are not allowed to make money off of our "appearances". We basically do it on a volunteer basis, and for our love of Star Wars. I have a Stormtrooper costume, and a Tusken Raider. I do stuff with the members in my area, when I can.

    Does that help DQ?
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    Re: 501st

    Where did you get your uniform/costume?
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    Re: 501st

    Im not a member, but i think it would be cool to have a Stormtrooper costume. I probably wouldnt wear it, id throw it on a mannequin instead.

    And i second Kidhumans question. Where can somebody find these movie accurate costumes?
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