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    Stupid Death Star question

    This just occurred to me.

    The first Death Star has only one weak spot, an exhaust port. The second would've had no weaknesses, had it been completed, and even incomplete could only be destroyed by blowing up the central reactor.


    Think about this logically for a second.

    The Death Star superlaser blows up one planet, which likely has shields, and is prepared to blow up a second one, which is almost certainly shielded.

    Small explosions on the surface of the Death Star cause explosions inside.

    The Executor crashing into the second Death Star is described as severely damaging the station.

    So we see that normal attacks and explosions most certainly do affect the Death Stars. And we know that continued attacks from ships as small as TIEs can bring down a Rebel Cruiser. Plus, the Death Star carries a weapon that can easily disintegrate a target many times its own size, regardless of shielding.

    So, in essence, Lucas expects us to believe, despite all the onscreen evidence to the contrary, that the Death Stars somehow escape all logic simply because they're big?

    We're supposed to buy into the fact that this thing would survive hours, even days, of continued bombardment by the entire Rebel fleet without any ill effects?

    Hell, why don't the Rebels build their own superlaser? Wouldn't a superlaser take out a Death Star, no problem?

    And if an ion cannon could take out a Star Destroyer so easily, and they're pretty standard weaponry, why couldn't a large ion blast simply disable the entire Death Star and take it out of commission?
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    It's all about fire power.

    The DS was able to shoot through the shields because it overloaded them. The same with the ion cannon on Hoth.

    The rebel ships didn't have strong enough cannons to get through the DSII shields so they were ineffective. The Executor only slammed into it AFTER the shield generator had been blown up or else it may have glanced off of it or just impacted into the shield (kinda like the ships in Independence Day).
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    But the first Death Star appeared to be (stupidly) unshielded.

    And it's been established more than once in the films that shields can be overloaded under sustained firepower.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    But the first Death Star appeared to be (stupidly) unshielded.
    Although it's EU, this is from the Star Wars Wiki:

    There were small gaps in the shields of the first Death Star; the Empire believed that this was harmless since only small ships could wiggle through the gaps. The shields of the second Death Star would have had no such gaps.
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    Oh, that's a reach.

    A shield comprised of a continuous stream of energy that has gaps in it?

    Still, even with shields, the first Death Star came upon a base with the majority of the Rebel Alliance and no escort of Star Destroyers beyond what could fit in its hangars (and even these don't appear to have been launched, and would presumably take a long time to make ready). The Rebels, knowing the Death Star was on the way, could've had all their firepower amassed at one point and blasted the hell out of the Death Star until the shields broke down.

    Even a superlaser beam seems to be smaller than a fighter. Some blasts would make it through even before the shields went completely down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post

    Think about this logically for a second.

    Don't's bad for the film.....maybe that's why Vader said the ability to destroy planets is insignificant next to the power of the force....and of course Luke technically used the "force" to destory the Death Star....

    anyways....thanks to the worst ending of any Star Wars film, we now know it too them from the end of ROTS to the beginning of ANH to build the damn thing so by then stuff was certainly outdated and useless....they're lucky it even worked at all....and that they kept it so well hide in outer space....?????? WTF? Think about this logically for a second....
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    Well, shoot. If we're questioning all the illogical stuff, it's always bothered me that X-Wings have jet intake nozzles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Well, shoot. If we're questioning all the illogical stuff, it's always bothered me that X-Wings have jet intake nozzles.
    For atmospheric travel...
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    The film is called "Science Fantasy" for a reason.
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    Well yeah Science Fiction, try telling that to Curtis "turns everything into a real life comparison debate" Saxton.


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