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    Did Boba Fett Die in ROTJ?

    Can anyone help please? Did Lucas confirm or deny that Boba Fett died in ROTJ? I read rumors that Lucas supported the idea that Fett survived the Sarlacc? I thought that the SE would show a very short scene of him crawling out of the sand near the Sarlacc pit? I just want to make sure. Thank u.

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    Lucas has neither confirmed nor denied his fate.

    Did Fett die? Depends on whom you ask.

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    If you follow the Expanded Universe (books, comics, etc.)
    Boba Fett did indeed survive his encounter with the Sarlacc.

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    Lucas has said in one news interview, though I am not sure which ones. That Boba Fett died in the Sarlaac pit, and if he ever was to continue the series after ROTJ, that Boba Fett would remain dead. So in the movies, he died... in the EU, he lived. Another reason why I only take most EU as "alternate reality" or "what if?" stories.

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    Right on, JarJarBinks! But a lot of people think that Lucas controls all of the EU stuff and I hate when people say that. Lucas has very little to do with the EU and this is proof!
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    Lucas does have final say on EU, though I think its mostly his lackys at Lucasfilm that give the green light or not, I think very few EU matters actually get all the way up to the man himself.

    In my mind, Fett died in the Sarlaac. I don't follow much EU, so that doesn't matter to me. Fett is dead, plain and simple. EU is like DC's "Elseworlds." Its nice and all, but has very little real bearing on anything other than itself.
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    I do feel, that if GL did make same good guys cool looking as Fett, there would'nt all this "Please make Fett live in SE version 002"...

    And lets be honest, GL should of at some stage made some of the good guys more cool and darker looking... see Maul, Vader, Fett... They are are the most followed characters in the SW saga...

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    I'm a huge Fett fan, and would love for him to live on. However, until I see him alive and kickin', post-ROTJ, on the big screen, I can deal with the fact its the end. The books are cool, and some of the stories are absolutely outstanding, but if its not in a movie I don't really take it as a Star Wars "truth." Until I see him climb out of the Sarlaac. . .he's gone.
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    Yes, I have to agree with all of you. I am a firm believer in the movies. I mean, if it didn't happen on screen then it is not relevant to the story. I dabble in the EU, but take none of it for real. If George Lucas didn't write it then it holds no bearing on his vision and his story. I've come up with interesting story lines in my head, but it doesn’t mean that is what really happened. The EU is the same thing, except the person who thought of it wrote it down and got it published.

    All in all, I wish Boba Fett wouldn't have died like a Punk, but that is not for us to decide. I stand by what ever GL writes. It his story and he is the MAN.
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    Or maybe, since he's out to create a new mythology, he intends for Star Wars to contradict itself. How many classic myths don't, when put together to make a whole, contradict themselves at one point or another?

    Did Boba Fett die in the Sarlaac or did he survive?

    Did Odysseus volunteer wholeheartedly for the Trojan War or did he dress as a woman and hide in a harem?

    Just a thought. . . .
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