The bad news? I bought some Ep. II stuff. I know- I know- I shouldn't have but when I saw the Royal Guards, I broke down and bought 2...and then 1 Deluxe Fett to pilot the Slave I I bought (I LOVE the retooling on this thing!) then a couple of Preview Clone Troopers and Jango Fetts, then a Super Battle Droid...then the book, the soundtrack, Doorku's and Anakin's lightsaber AND the Jedi Starfighter AND...

You get the idea

I scored 2 TIE Bombers and a Snowspeeder yesterday, too- thanks Wal-Mart! Took the TIE home, opened her up and was instantly in love Boo yah! They had plenty when I left yesterday, too.


The GOOD news:

Since the new AF is all Target Exclusive and there is only 1 collector here in Bozeman, MT (I met him yesterday ), there is a good chance I can snag them for all if they end up being rare or tough to grab. Depending on how good the re-toolings are, I *MIGHT* go back down the AF vehicle road...MAYBE...MIGHT...who knows? I hope they're decent though.

Anyway, as the product trickles out, keep me posted here and I will get what I can when I can for whom I can. I may be a bit player in the collecting world now that Episode 1 and POTJ is all done, but I'm not out of the show yet

VT- Miss you man! The FX-7 fixing an Enterprise piccy's came out I'll print one up- gimme an address to send it to.

R2- Long time no talky- say, are the pics of all of us still on the web? If so, could ya' point me there?

Anyone I had deals with: before I forget

There ya go!

Ep. II is starting to get me warmed up a bit...heh.

On a weird note- was anyone else who REALLY liked MM's from Episode 1 kinda' psychologically damaged when they saw ACTION FIGURES on a BLUE card instead of MM's? Or was that just me?