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    Arrow Jango Fett and Yoda Review!!!!

    Ok, here we go...

    Jango Fett (Kamino Escape)

    Great figure. The sculpt is superb, and the action features work well. His Helmet fits on great, and it looks great due to his ball jointed neck. The rocket pack is very nice as well, and the rocket fires out good. His pose can be great if altered alittle. I have him w/ one gun down, and the other raised slanted across his face.

    Overall Verdict: Great figure. Worth the money.

    Grade: A+

    Yoda (Jedi Master)

    Another cool figure. His sculpt is cool...looks just like a ****ed off Yoda would look. What I really love about this figure is the LIGHTSABER. I love having a good *** kicking Yoda. His base looks cool, and works good. His lightning is pretty cool...but I prefer that off when I pose him.

    Overall Verdict: Great Figure...put down the money and time to get him.

    Overall Grade: A+

    More reviews comming if requested!

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    I agree. I love both these figures. I even like the levetation feature on Yoda.
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    I totally agree, Since 3 Jangos are out at the moment (Preview, Deluxe, Kamino Escape) I have each in a different pose. The Preview in soon to be classic guns drawn and shooting, Deluxe with Big Gun, and Kamino with Wrist ready to fire the thing on his wrist. A+ to him, Yoda, OMG! yoda is so cool, except that big hole between his feet, I like his Saber, its so tiny, and just plain cool looking, at least he go the right saber size, instead of a full size one, he gets a "mini-me" version of one! His Base is cool, that lightning thing is kinda stupid, so i just put that piece in it back into the base where it came from, it looks better that way. His stick is a little hard to find if it drops off though... A+ overall though.
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    Hmmm...2 figures in the same review? Looks like some n00b didn't read the Sticky for this section.
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    Since I already had the Preview Jangers, I didn't bother with the Kamino Escape version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    Since I already had the Preview Jangers, I didn't bother with the Kamino Escape version.
    I'm just upset that it's clearly labeld "Sticky" at the top of the forum yet people still mess up and go against the rules. This is just getting ridiculous.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    Your mom raised a fool, look at the dates f**ktard.
    That's why my new screen name is gonna be f**ktard.

    I apologize CGSPAWN but you should've known about the rule that would come out 3 years later. Come on seriously.
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    Come two, while you're at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    Come two, while you're at it.
    What an @ss.
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