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    Would you be interested in a 12" forum section?

    Here's the question, would you be interested in reading and participating in a forum section dedicated only to Action Collection/Collectors Series/12"-scale Star Wars figures from all the modern era? If enough people are interested, we can have one, but if there's not enough interest, it'll not happen. It's up to you folks, so let us know...
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    I'd support it. With a lot of current topics focused solely on basic figures, a forum for those collectors to share their comments, suggestions, and customizations on 12 inch collecting would be nice.

    I would suggest going through the POTJ section and moving some of those topics, especially the 12" bounty hunter threads, since there is another wave coming soon.
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    Not particularly. I think it's easy enough to discuss them in the related sections as it is.
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    Yeah I don't know Jt.I don't think you'd drum up enough traffic to justify the extra work.I think all of us a few 12" but I really don't think there are many that are all that into them.I may be nut's too.Someone will let me know.
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    I'd like to see a forum devoted only to AOTC toys.

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    i'd be interested, but based on past forumite posts, i'm one of the few. i'd actually be interested in sitting down with the man in charge at hasbro and showing him a dragon and blue box 12 inch figure and asking him, "WHAT'S UP DUDE!!!"

    i post over at a site called the "1/6th warrior forum", which is devoted to 12 inch figures of all variety, and hasbro 12 inchers are generally regarded as a joke by most there.

    these are guys who sepnd thousands on 12 inch stuff, and would love quality 12 inch star wars product.

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    It would be good, although I don't think its that necessary.

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    I personally don't collect the 12'' series, so I wouldn't personally be interested in a 12'' section.

    I also don't know how many people here are 12'' collectors either. But, I very rarely see any posts regarding them. There are some, but not enough that I would think they constitute their own forum. I think 12'' discussion in their corresponding line (i.e. POTF2, POTJ, Saga, etc.) is just fine.
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    Put me down for a Yes. While I don't buy too many 12" figs, I always look at them in stores and would love to keep talking about them.

    So far I have been able to notice the current 12" threads, but if you create a section I will definitely participate.

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    Thumbs up

    Hey this is a great idea!


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