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    I counldn't believe what I was seeing!!!

    I was just browsing EBAY and happen to come across a AOTC Yoda. $30.00 for Yoda! Come on, I guarentee this same figure will be selling for less then $5.00 in a month after the newer waves hit. Its not like there is a shortage, over 500 listings. I have had no probelm finding this figure. I guess it truly shows people have no patience.

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    LOL,in my area, all wal-marts has around 10-15 Yodas.

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    I just noticed the same thing with the Count Dookus - over 500 listings!! Losers!!
    "I'm getting too old for this kind of thing"

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    Hysteria or should I say the Dark Side seems to take control Star Wars collectors. Look at all of the short pack figures of late. R2-D2 with Holographic Leia, you can pick this one up for $10.00 -$20.00 if you really couldn't find one, same with Jar Jar with Fish is going for around $15.00 another short pack. These guys just aren't hot anymore. $30.00 for a AOTC Yoda, you are almost have way to a Vintage carded Yoda from the original series. Show some patience is my point, there will be plenty to go around.


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