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    Lightsabers Don't Glow!!! ...the hell?

    Damn! Hasbro didn't make the new Lightsabers glow under blacklights!! I'm so dissapointed. does anyone know if Count Dookus red saber glows? On the upside, R3-T7's elctricity glows rather nicely. Oh well it's a really not a big deal. But well you know. Any other figures have any cool glowing Accesories? I mean old and new figures.

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    Originally posted by Darth_Maul25SW
    Don't you make that face at me. I'll shake my fist at you.

    But, I guess I never knew the old ones glowed(huh, thats not a word) under a black light. Shame on me.

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    I think glowed is a word. You can't say the "glew" could you? Darn I'm confused. Actually only the older green and red lighsabers glew and it was a neat effect.

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    Dooku's red saber glows a little, but not as much as say, Vader Dagobah. His green saber doesn't glow at all.

    But the Sidious hologram looks great.
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    I had no idea the old lightsabers glowed under blacklights, so I guess I can see how removing a previously existing feature would be irritating. Sorry for being so quick to blow you off.

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