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    Originally posted by stillakid
    Now if we could only get some cool action figures and their pods!
    Couldn't agree more! And this time Hasbro make them to scale!
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    When Ody Mandrell stops at the pits, u can hear him speaking...well that language he is speaking is spanish!!!

    It sounds like QUE PASA QUE PASA QUE PASA!!! Which in english means whats wrong whats wrong whats wrong!!!

    I dont know if any of u guys have the script so u can confirm this.
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    The script from the Illustrated Screenplay doesn't conform very well to the podrace or the end battles very closely, so there's no mention of Ody Mandrell's troubles with his pit droids flying into his engine. The only line for Ody in the script is "Droids!" in English/Basic, not Huttese. But I also noticed he was speaking Spanish in the film, very odd.
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    Aldar Beedo was the guy who screams when Sebulba drops a wrench back into his engine during the race, and the resulting explosion(and Beedo's demise) nearly decapitates Anikin. Luckily Ani turned his head 2 inches to the right and was missed by an ENTIRE POD. I guess I was supposed to suspend disbelief there...

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    Rollo, that's Mars Guo you're thinking of that gets the Sebulba thrown wrench in his pod engine and bites the dust.

    And considering the amount of bloody time the sequence took in the film, where are the rest of the pod racer figures? I want my Teemto Pagalies and Ratts Tyerell 2-pack thank you Hasbro!

    I would have said that Aldar Beedo was more alligator like.
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