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    Who the heck is Typho?

    yeah, I know he's Padme's head of security in AOTC...but where is Panaka?

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    Hugh Quarshie was apparently displeased with the financial aspects of playing him again, so he passed. I doubt he liked TPM either.

    In my opinion, it's a change for the better

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    Yes...but what do you think happened for the character? Is he just on vacation for the rest of his life???

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    Panaka probably stepped down or something like that. Maybe he decided to stay in Naboo and protect the new Queen. Who knows. Honestly I am glad he is gone, because he gave me the impression that he didnt like being in TPM. The only thing I liked about him was "The Hutts are gangstas!"
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    I'm sorry, I didn't realize you meant your question to refer to the storyline.

    I doubt there will be an "official" explanation, but maybe it will pop up in the EU. Once AOTC is out, I'm sure there will be more books concerning Padme's adventures as a Senator.

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    Oh ok...I actually didn't like Panaka (I wanted him to get torn to shreads by a relentless hail of fire from six droidekas, reducing his body to a-- sorry, got carried away). I just wanted to know why the hell he wasn't there.

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    I wasn't too crazy about Captain Pancakes either. He was pretty much phoning in his part. Glad he's done so many better films since then, too.
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    panaka gone...well.....i never really liked him anyways...
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    same here.

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    I'm sorry, I was under the impression when I stumbled on this thread that it was a discussion. Instead i find that it's simply a matter of you people agreeing dumbly with each other. You get detention three weeks running for blind stupidity in the face of logic and reason!

    Panaka is the head of the Royal household security ergo he stays on Naboo with the Queen elect.

    Typho is Panaka's nephew and works as Padme's head of security (read - loyal bodyguard). Accompanying her wherever she travels.

    It's that simple. We all can see it, why can't you?


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